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Alpha Cleaner MOD APK 1.5.2

Alpha Cleaner - Phone Booster
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Alpha Cleaner - Phone BoosterAlpha Cleaner - Phone BoosterAlpha Cleaner - Phone BoosterAlpha Cleaner - Phone Booster

Alpha Cleaner:

Productive Memory Usage is a functional application to increase performance and optimize Android smartphones, developed by SG Tech App and published on Google Play. Slow execution of commands, heating of the back panel, lack of storage memory, etc. are among the things that Android users face only after using smartphones for some time. First of all, you should know that many of these problems are seen in mid-range or low-end phones, and flagship phones usually show these problems in the long run! Some people think that these problems are due to their Android operating system, and profit-seeking people solve these problems by offering to change the ROM and charging a lot of money! At the beginning of the explanation, you should know that these issues are not due to your Android operating system, but due to the removal and installation of various and many apps that we use in a period of time. Usually, after deleting a program or continuously using a startup, various files are stored in the memory, which are not deleted in normal mode and have no special function. For this reason, with the passage of time and the increase of this sample of files, the processor has problems in executing commands, and it works slowly. One of the best available solutions is to use optimization apps. The Alpha Cleaner program helps you to quickly identify any problems in this field and eliminate them. So if you also have such problems, then stay with us.

Identifying additional Android files with Alpha Cleaner: Productive Memory Usage
One of the main features of the Alpha Cleaner: Productive Memory Usage program, which is used by many users, is the identification of extra files or so-called junk files. With a deep scan mode, this software examines the memory of your Android phone at a very high speed and detects all these files. Removing these extra files makes the processor not have problems when executing commands and does any processing quickly.

A reliable solution to increase the speed of the smartphone
Although junk files greatly affect the speed and storage space of Android smartphones, other factors are also involved. Other factors that delay the execution of commands include unnecessary background processes and RAM memory usage. To eliminate this problem, Alpha Cleaner: Productive Memory Usage startup scans the RAM memory of your smartphone and stops them by identifying unnecessary processes so that your important and needed apps have access to more resources. .

Identification of large files in Android phones
Sometimes, one of the reasons for the lack of data storage space in Android smartphones are bulky files that we have forgotten their storage directory. Using its deep system, Alpha Cleaner: Productive Memory Usage software displays the largest files stored in the internal memory of Android smartphones and helps to delete them with just one gesture if needed. In addition, you should mention that Alpha Cleaner will also provide you with a suitable option to remove annoying notifications.

Some features and capabilities of the Alpha Cleaner:

Productive Memory Usage Android program:

Increase the performance of Android smartphones
Identify and delete unnecessary files in memory
Reducing the temperature of the back panel of the smartphone
Freeing up RAM to prevent apps from crashing
Removing annoying and unnecessary notifications
Providing a list of the largest files in memory
Providing detailed information related to the hardware system of the smartphone

Analyze storage usage & installed apps, cleanup junk files.

  • Key features
  • Junk Cleaner
    Powerful storage analysis function, accurately locate and delete junk files.
  • Phone Booster
    One-click optimization of the application, so that the phone runs smoothly as new!
  • Smart Battery Saver
    Increase battery life and protect battery life.

AlphaCleaner boost your phone with the following functions

  • Junk Cleanup
    Find application cache, application uninstall residue, empty files, empty folders, log files, temporary files, useless Apk, advertisement cache and other junk files to free up storage space.
  • Phone Booster
    Powerful application life management prevents background applications from slowing down the speed of the phone, only one key is needed to make the phone run smoothly
  • Batter Saver
    Intelligent scanning of the power consumption program to protect the battery life and extend the use time.
  • CPU Cooler
    The phone is always hot? AlphaCleaner can lower the CPU temperature and optimize the phone performance.
  • App Analyzer
    Analyze all applications, known all application information, how many applications target api 30, and how many applications adapt to 64bit, you will known all applications in the phone.

Easy to use, make your phone as new!

Alpha Cleaner - Phone Booster
Download Alpha Cleaner - Phone Booster for android
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