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AutoResponder for Instagram 3.4.2 (Premium)

AutoResponder for Instagram
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AutoResponder for InstagramAutoResponder for InstagramAutoResponder for InstagramAutoResponder for Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, especially in Iran, which has 800 million monthly active users and has easily replaced Facebook in Iran. Ever since the possibility of posting one-minute videos has been provided, we have seen many educational or entertaining contents on Instagram, so that many people are seriously making programs on Instagram. Another advantage of Instagram is that you can target potential customers in your city or neighborhood. In addition to all these unique features, Instagram can also be used as a messenger. You can chat one-on-one or in groups, send photos, videos, etc. on Instagram. Many companies, especially internet businesses, use Instagram for marketing and expanding their contacts, which sometimes may reach more than a hundred thousand people. There are many cases where contacts use Instagram to send messages and communicate with these companies, which increases the volume of received messages and makes it very difficult to respond to them. If you are in a similar situation and you don’t have enough time to get to your Instagram messages, this program can be a great help to you. AutoResponder for Instagram is the title of an automatic response bot for Instagram messages for the Android operating system, developed by the TK Studio software group? Developed and published for free on Google Play. Using this program, you can define different commands for different types of messages so that when receiving a message, the program will send the most appropriate response by analyzing it. You can automatically check messages for certain words and decide whether to reply or not.

Some features and capabilities of the AutoResponder for Instagram Android program:

Automatic reply to Instagram directs
The possibility of personalization from person to person
Has a variety of automation tools
Ability to set to respond to a specific type of message
Send a welcome message for the first chats
Flexible and changeable response at the moment (in terms of time, place, etc.)
The ability to send multiple responses with a predefined command
Ability to work with contacts and groups
Ability to determine whether to respond to a specific user or group
Automatic timing with the ability to calculate the delay
Artificial intelligence using Dialogflow.com service
Ability to work as an extension for the Tasker application
It has backup commands for easy and fast data recovery

Automatically respond to custom received Instagram Direct messages with this bot. You have a lot of settings to customize each auto reply for your needs. Download now for free!


  • Auto-reply to Instagram Direct messages
  • Individually customizable
  • Many automation tools included
  • React to all messages when you’re busy
  • Send replies to specific messages
  • Welcome message for new chats *
  • Live answer replacements (time, name…)
  • Multiple replies in one rule *
  • Works with contacts and groups
  • Ignore and specify contacts and groups
  • Automatic scheduler with delay
  • AI with Dialogflow.com (formerly api.ai) *
  • Working as a Tasker plugin (Tasker is an automation tool) *
  • Backup rules for easy recovery
  • Personal agent for your business
  • Almost everything is possible with this bot!
  • Many more features will follow!


Download NOW for free – Create the BEST EXPERIENCE for your contacts!

Notification access: This tool doesn’t directly access Instagram, it replies to notifications.

Pro required

Since this tool only uses a native Android API, errors can never be completely ruled out.

This app is NOT affiliated with Instagram.
Instagram is a registered Trademark of Instagram LLC.

Legal notice: autoresponder.ai/legal

AutoResponder for Instagram
Download AutoResponder for Instagram for android

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