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Bulk Rename & Group Pro MOD APK 1.63 (Paid)

Bulk Rename & Group Pro
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Bulk Rename & Group is a tool which allows you to easily rename and organize all your files from internal or external storage in a single operation. Batch rename and group your selection of files with a large variety of features.

Please try the FREE version before purchasing the PRO version:

If you are happy with it and you would like the support the developer, you can purchase the ad-free pro version.

Note – This is not a regular file manager.
The purpose of the app is to rename and group multiple files at once, in a single operation, based on user’s selection of features.

Rename or group all your files in three simple steps:

Select Input Files
Use the in-app file browser to easily select the input files.
2. Select Action type and parameters.
Customize the operation using the provided features and options.
Select Output Path, see a preview and start.
Select the output path of the new files and see a preview of the new files before starting the operation.

Bulk rename / Batch Rename files with the following available options:

  • Change Base Name – keep the original base name or set a new one for all the files
  • Auto Indexing – Add an auto incremented number to each file. This can be customized
    by choosing the start index, the separator, the index position (start or end) and zero
  • Capitalization – all lower case, all upper case, sentence case, camel case
  • Extension – keep the original extension, update it or remove it completely

Trim – remove all leading and trailing white spaces

Remove chosen characters from the file name

Remove multiple characters separated by comma

Remove characters by type – numbers, letters, non-numeric, non-letter.

Remove characters at position – first n characters, last n characters, custom range (from position x to position y)

Remove characters by regex – using the desired regex pattern

Replace characters using the desired patterns

Replace characters by regex – using the desired regex pattern

Add Prefix – add specified prefix to all files

Add Suffix – add specified suffix to all files

Add Characters at position

Add date & time (configurable format) – add the last modified date before or after base name.

Bulk group files:

  • By name – contains, starts with or ends with specified text
  • By modified date – customize parameters (day, month, year)
  • By size – all unique sizes or specified size in B, KB or MB
  • By extension – all unique extensions or specified extensions

Customize Output

Choose output folder.
Group or rename copies of the selected files, without altering the original files.
Group or rename the selected files.
See operation summary and confirm selection before starting.
See a preview of the output files before modifying them.


Adjustable application theme – auto, light, dark.
Adjustable file browser font size.
Adjustable file browser thumbnail size.

Other features:

★ In-app browser for quick file selection – list view & grid view
★ Sort files and folders by name, modified date or size
★ Create & folders
★ Delete files and folders
★ Local Search – Current folder
★ Global Search – Internal & External Storages
★ Works on any type of file – audio, video, photos, documents etc.
★ Works for internal and external storage.

Bulk Rename & Group Pro
Download Bulk Rename & Group Pro for android

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