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Call Blocker MOD APK 6.7.7 (Pro)

Call Blocker - Caller ID
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Call Blocker - Caller IDCall Blocker - Caller IDCall Blocker - Caller IDCall Blocker - Caller IDCall Blocker - Caller ID

Call Blocker – block incoming and outgoing calls is the title of an application full of voice call blocking features developed by Fiorenza Francesco and published on Google Play. Voice calls are one of the best and fastest ways to communicate with contacts. Sometimes some companies use this method to find new customers for marketing and expanding their business! This has caused us to receive dozens of calls from unknown numbers every day, which is very annoying over time. One of the best ways to deal with spam calls is to block them. Some smartphones automatically provide blocking facilities to their users; But in some of them such an option is not seen! This issue has caused some developers to publish special software in this field. Call Blocker – block incoming and outgoing calls is a suitable solution for blocking unwanted and spam calls. Various possibilities are hidden in the heart of this startup, one of the most important of which is the call blocking schedule! In this case, you will be able to specify a specific time period and be sure that all your calls will be blocked during this time. In addition, several default modes are available for activation as quickly as possible; The most common of these modes are blocking of unknown numbers, blocking of international numbers, blocking of blacklists, etc. If you are one of the users who only want to answer certain numbers, create a white list of the contact numbers you want and be sure that other contact numbers will be blocked. All calls that are automatically blocked; They are stored in a list, which is available to you whenever you need it. The development team has paid special attention to the privacy of users and has provided conditions, so that all information stored in the software can be protected by a password if needed.

Some features and capabilities of the Call Blocker program – block incoming and outgoing calls for Android:

Blocking all incoming messages with just one gesture
Several different blocking modes, such as blocking unknown, international, blacklist, etc.
Ability to schedule call blocking only at a specific time
Create a special white list to answer the call of your favorite numbers
Saving all blocked calls in a preset list
The possibility of personalizing the program’s settings and environment by accessing various options
Protection of information by PIN code
Activate or deactivate the application with just one gesture

Are you looking for a free nuisance call blocker?
Want a do not disturb spam blocker for android that will block all unwanted calls from unknown numbers?

Meet Call Blocker, which is a call spam blocker for android free app that blocks unwanted calls, call centers, spam, robocalls, telemarketing, private calls, hidden calls, anonymous calls, strangers, etc. Our spam call blocker gives you the peace of mind you deserve!

An advanced caller ID(after-call screen) function, provides you with detailed information about phone calls, including numbers not included in the contact list, and gives you quick and direct access to many useful functions. Also from this screen, you can easily add the phone number to the main blacklist, quickly and easily, without wasting time.


Block incoming calls from unknown callers & outgoing calls with an advanced call blocking system. Tired of annoying calls from telemarketing, spam, robocalls? Use this caller ID spam call blocker to blacklist calls & reject calls that you want to block.


Unlike most call block & robocall blocker apps, Call Blocker enables effective call blocking of outgoing calls. Our outgoing call blocking uses a security code that makes it easy to manage outgoing calls, for children, employees, people with disabilities.


Numbers from the blacklist are blocked silently and without ringing. So when you ignore calls with our spam call blocker for android, they will delete your number forever and never disturb you again. Our robocall blocker can reject calls from ANY unknown numbers that is not in your contact list.

Practice smart call control of your nuisance calls blacklist with ease. When you want to make a change in the reject unknown callers blacklist, you can easily remove the number or add it to your whitelist. Stop unwanted calls easily!

  • Block any number, spam calls, fraud numbers with call blacklist
  • Block Private and Hidden numbers
  • Block Incoming calls and reject unwanted calls automatically
  • Schedule Call Blocking to block calls in a particular time
  • Security Code to access call block app and change call block settings
  • Enable whitelist to avoid blocking your favorite contacts/numbers
  • Block unknown contacts not in your address book
  • Block international calls and numbers with our call blocking app
  • View Record logs of rejected blocked numbers
  • Turn on or off call blocking any time
  • Blacklist Incoming call block using area code, prefix or suffix
  • Powerful, simple and light call blocking app
  • Best Call Blocker app to block calls
  • 100% Free Call Blocker App. Block calls without limits.
  • Phone dialer to call and add new contacts
  • T9 Dialer – quickly search by name & numbers
  • Easily find contacts


  • Set up Call Blocking Schedule to block specific calls as per your daily routine. Block Incoming Calls and turn on do not disturb call blocking to avoid disturbances by unwanted calls.
  • Block outgoing calls.
  • Block wildcard numbers in patterns, starting or ending with a particular series of numbers or block numbers by country code.
  • Whitelist your favorite numbers to avoid blocking them!
  • This block unknown numbers app helps to create a list to avoid calls in important moments
  • Call Blocker will automatically block phone numbers from spammers, telemarketers, robocalls. Stop telemarketers & stop scam calls with 1 tap.
  • Block private and restricted calls using Calls Blacklist
  • Our block phone number app blocks unwanted calls automatically.
  • Don’t want to be disturbed during a meeting, important appointment, the night, or event? This free call blocker is the best do not disturb app to block calls.

Use the best call blocker (also known as bloqueador de llamadas) to block spam calls & unknown numbers!

Download Call Blocker FREE!

Call Blocker - Caller ID
Download Call Blocker - Caller ID for android

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