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IELTS preparation app. Learn English vocabulary 2.0.3 (Mod Sap)

IELTS Vocabulary Prep App
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IELTS Vocabulary Prep AppIELTS Vocabulary Prep AppIELTS Vocabulary Prep AppIELTS Vocabulary Prep AppIELTS Vocabulary Prep App

If you are one of the English language enthusiasts, you have undoubtedly heard the name of the IELTS test; A test that is a very accurate measure to measure people’s abilities in the world’s official language. As you know, in order to have a high ability in the English language, you must first of all learn a complete vocabulary, which is the main drawback of those interested in this language! In the tests conducted to measure abilities based on the difficulty of the test, different words and vocabulary are used in the questions, of which the IELTS test is one of the most difficult. IELTS Vocabulary Prep App is a language learning and IELTS exam preparation application developed by Smart learning solutions and published on Google Play. This software helps its users to prepare for the difficult global IELTS tests by providing a set of various facilities and options. The above program consists of several different parts, one of the most popular of which is the vocabulary learning part. In this section, the development team has tried to collect the most difficult words in IELTS tests and register them in the minds of users with a unique method! For each of the available words, in addition to teaching pronunciation, examples and explanations are also provided, which are very effective in the learning process. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this application and its many fans is that it overshadows all parts of the test in such a way that it strengthens your skills in reading, writing, conversation, etc.

Some features of IELTS Vocabulary Prep App for Android:

Having full control over the learning process to memorize more than a hundred words a day
Teaching the most important and most difficult words to get the maximum score in the IELTS test
Strengthening the user’s mind to get a good score in all parts of the test
Using various examples and complete explanations for each word
Practicing and strengthening the skills of reading, writing and pronouncing words
Achieving a favorable result with only 15 minutes of using the program every day

Be more prepared and confident for your IELTS test and achieve the IELTS score you deserve!

IELTS is a really challenging test that is jointly managed by the British Council, IDP:

IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment and requires serious preparation of the candidate.

Whichever way of preparing for IELTS you choose, the only thing that remains unchanged is your English vocabulary.

It’s clear for all that in order to get a high IELTS band the candidate must have a large English vocabulary that can cover a lot of narrowly specialized subjects that are rarely found in everyday communication. Therefore, even for people who speak English well it’s needed an additional preparation for IELTS test.

That’s why we decided to create the best application for improving English vocabulary when people prepare for IELTS exam!

The learning technique, applied in the application, allows you to quick learn new English words (up to 3000 words per month), which are often use in the IELTS tests. It will give huge support for all of IELTS Listening exercises, IELTS Reading practice, IELTS Writing and IELTS Speaking modules.

Each English word in IELTS vocabulary flashcards is pronounced by native British English speakers so you can immediately perceive the speech by ear, which is very important for the IELTS Listening module. Because of unique learning technique you will kepp in mind the correct spelling of English words forever, which will also increase your band in the IELTS Writing module.

Our specialists have selected for you more than 60,000 examples of British English words using in context that will help you to get IELTS Reading and IELTS Speaking modules high band. This word-list cover essentials vocabulary needed by IELTS student aiming for band 7-7.5.

Each word comes with full English definition, up to 10 of usage examples, phonetics, sound pronunciation and much more details included in the Oxford Dictionary.

We have added a big set of tests with various difficulty levels into the app so you can test your new knowledge and share it with your friends.

We are convinced that every person should have the opportunity to receive knowledge regardless of his financial capabilities. Therefore, we added an opportunity to receive paid content for free. Just show us your desire to learn English and follow the recommendations that you will meet in the app during your learning process.

Our team wishes you success in the preparation and taking IELTS exam!

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