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My Cars (Fuel logger++) v2.14.3 (Pro)

My Cars (Fuel logger++)
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My Cars (Fuel logger++)My Cars (Fuel logger++)My Cars (Fuel logger++)My Cars (Fuel logger++)My Cars (Fuel logger++)

If you are asking yourself one of next questions, then My Cars is the app for you

  • How much cost my vehicle (car, bike, etc….)? By year, by month, by mile/km, etc…?
  • What is the min/avg/max fuel efficiency of my vehicle? Does it depend on the season?
  • How could I not forget to check if I have enough oil? Can I set reminders for services and/or bills?
  • How can I manage my trips with costs?
  • How can I have the history of the fuel prices I paid?

My Cars is intuitive and highly customizable to fit your needs. You can customize fuel subtypes, bill types, services and much more.

You will be surprised on how much costs your vehicles. With My Cars you will better understand the costs and then it will allow you to control them.

Type of vehicles supported

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Bikes
  • Boats
  • Tractors or any vehicle that uses hour as main counter

Core features

Data records

  • Fuel tracker with many options. Supports partial refuels, missed refuels, refuels with gauge.
  • Services management with ability to setup reminders
  • Bills management with ability to setup reminders
  • Car records with details like insurance number, made, pictures, etc…
  • PRO: Trip management (start/end location with address, trip type, trip cost, etc…)
  • Many fuel types supported: Gasoline/Diesel/LPG/CNG/Hybrid/Flexfuel/Electric/etc…


  • distance (total, by year/month/day)
  • min/average/max fuel efficiency
  • cost per day/month/year (breakdown including bills, services, fuel)
  • cost per mile/km (breakdown including bills, services, fuel)
  • min/avg/max/total fuel quantity (breakdown by fuel type)
  • min/avg/max fuel price


  • Fuel efficiency overtime
  • Fuel efficiency aggregated by month (is fuel efficiency higher in winter?)
  • Costs per months
  • PRO: Compare computed fuel efficiency against onboard computed values
  • Costs by km/mile
  • Autonomy estimation of your car
  • Odometer overtime

Charts include:

  • average lines
  • ability to edit values (like refuels)


  • Reminders/events management (service/bill/other)
  • Example: setup a reminder for checking oil level

Backup, import, export

  • Automated backup on internal storage
  • PRO: Automated backup to Dropbox
  • Export to CSV/XML. CSV can be open with Excel
  • Import from CSV/XML (to transfer data from one device to another one, or to import data from another application)

PRO only features

  • PRO: Backup/restore from/to Dropbox
  • PRO: Currency management with exchange rates
  • PRO: Google Cloud Print support
  • PRO: Trip management
  • PRO: Customize driving style, road types and more

How to enable PRO mode

  • Buy My Cars Pro Key app. See https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aguirre.android.mycarpro
  • Activate ads. After 7 days you can remove ads if you don’t want anymore PRO mode.

Support/user guides
You can find documentation with many tips here: http://www.davagdroid.com/mycars/how-to

If you face a crash, we recommend using Android crash report and contacting support

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My Cars (Fuel logger++)
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