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My Daily Planner MOD APK 1.8.12 (Pro)

My Daily Planner: To Do List
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My Daily Planner: To Do ListMy Daily Planner: To Do ListMy Daily Planner: To Do ListMy Daily Planner: To Do ListMy Daily Planner: To Do List

In today’s world, almost all people are faced with a lot of preoccupations every day that they have to take care of all of them within a limited period of time. Today’s jobs are no longer limited to a specific task like in the past and include a set of tasks and tasks. Of course, in order to handle all these tasks in a limited time, it is necessary to follow a certain planning and order. To create order in daily tasks, the best method is to schedule tasks, so that each task is done in a certain period of time. In addition to assigning a start and end time for each task, this also prevents tasks from not being done and being forgotten. For years, paper calendars and tools have been used for daily planning. But in the world of smartphones, you can have much better tools and today we are at your service with one of them. My Daily Planner: To Do List, Calendar, Organizer is an application for planning, scheduling and organizing daily tasks, for the Android operating system, developed by Time Management Studio and published for free on Google Play. Using this program, you can easily create task lists and reminders for daily tasks. This program keeps track of how tasks are done by automatically calculating progress so that none of the tasks remain undone. To make things easier to do, they can be divided into smaller tasks.

Some features and capabilities of the My Daily Planner Android program:

Easy planning of daily tasks
Support the definition of sub-tasks and task grouping
Has a calendar for easy access to each day’s defined tasks
Ability to create recurring tasks
The ability to create tasks independent of time and project
Ability to create tasks by voice
Support for creating reminders
Has a dark theme



  • planning day
  • creating to do list on day
  • creating subtasks
  • creating
  • creating reminders
  • auto calculate progress
  • grouping tasks with folders
  • auto move tasks to tomorrow
  • work without internet


App My Daily Planner allows create to do list on day.

Stop wasting time on paper daily planners, start using electronic. The application has a convenient day feed and calendar.

You can:

  • to edit tasks
  • to move tasks
  • to paint different colors
  • to add tasks with voice


Split tasks to subtasks with app My Daily Planner

Often a person has a mess in his head, and he does not know where to start the task. By dividing the task into subtasks, you remove the confusion and can easily complete the task. In the application, the list of subtasks can be viewed in the form of a tree, or you can open the task and view its subtasks.


Group your to do lists with folders

You have got a lot of tasks from different areas ? Will create folders to a better view


View and create to do list and task list on day with calendar

With calendar you can view tasks count on day, add new tasks and edit created tasks.
Calendar have got 2 mods: Week Mode and Month Mode


App My Daily Planner allows create unlimited reminders

For any task, you can add an unlimited number of reminders. Do you want to receive a reminder 2 days before starting a task? Will create it!


To plan your day with app My Daily Planner

You can create to do lists and add reminders to don’t skip important tasks


Organize your time with app My Daily Planner

For the best organization of their time, you can do the following actions:

  1. Create a to-do list
  2. Add reminders
  3. Cross out tasks as they are completed.


Create recurring tasks and you will optimize your time with organizer My Daily Planner

Do you want to go to gym every monday, wednesday? Create recurring task!

Tasks and projects

Create tasks and projects with My Daily Planner

Create to do list and project list and split it to subtask list. Then you will create detailed task or project description.


Divide the elephant into parts

It’s hard for our brain to work with big tasks. Break large tasks into subtasks so that you yourself will facilitate the work of your brain.

My Daily Planner: To Do List
Download My Daily Planner: To Do List for android

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