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NottifyApp – Notifications on AMOLED v1.0.14 (Mod-Sap)

NottifyApp - Notifications on AMOLED ⚡
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NottifyApp - Notifications on AMOLED ⚡NottifyApp - Notifications on AMOLED ⚡NottifyApp - Notifications on AMOLED ⚡NottifyApp - Notifications on AMOLED ⚡NottifyApp - Notifications on AMOLED ⚡

Get a cooler lock screen!

Now your lock screen will show you the notifications you receive in any way you want.
The best notification app for your AMOLED screen!

You’ll be able to check time, date and notification information with confetti animations and special designs,
without having to tap your device or unlock it thanks to the AMOLED technology,
keeping your screen completely off while showing only the necessary information.
The app is 100% free!

Amazing features:

 AMOLED lock screen always active.


different clock styles available for display.


check the notifications of any app you have installed (you can decide which apps you want to be shown).


A confetti rain will appear when you receive a new notification.

Special designs:

you can choose from many different special confetti designs.


Adjust the lock screen brightness to the desired level.


low battery drain.


You can turn on/off all settings to save battery power and customize the app to your liking.

Colorless mode:

disable or enable your icons’ color if you want!

Quick unlock:

Unlock your phone by double-clicking on the screen or clicking on the unlock button (depending on your device).

Pocket mode:

the double-click option to unlock the screen prevents you from unintentionally activating your phone while in your pocket.

Stunning design:

Easy-to-use app, with no unnecessary options so you don’t have to spend a lot of time setting it up!


unlock all watch designs, special confetti, and remove advertising! New designs will follow!


  • Enable “overlay this app over others” permission before using it.
    If you have a custom lock screen, remove it to get a proper app performance.
    In case that the permissions requested by the app are not applicable, review and activate the remaining permissions in the app’s permissions section.
  • NottifyApp is designed for AMOLED screen devices.
  • If your device crashes the app, be sure to disable the battery optimization feature.

You may experience some application failure, we are working on solving any potential problems that may arise.

NottifyApp - Notifications on AMOLED ⚡
Download NottifyApp - Notifications on AMOLED ⚡ for android

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