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( OFFTIME ) – Distraction Pro v.kit.3.0.4 beta build 214

OFFTIME – Digital disconnection
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OFFTIME – Digital disconnectionOFFTIME – Digital disconnectionOFFTIME – Digital disconnectionOFFTIME – Digital disconnection

In a hyperconnected world, it is increasingly difficult to find the time to disconnect and focus on what really matters to us.

How many times have you taken your cell phone to take a picture of a landscape, but haven’t stopped to admire it? How many times have you stopped paying attention to the person you are having a conversation with because notifications appear on the screen?

Therefore, OFFTIME has as its main mission that your phone or electronic device does not take control of your life, but is another tool.

We will not take control of your phone, but we will allow you to disconnect while taking your time OFFTIME and we will encourage you to prevent other apps or calls and emails from distracting you at the moment.
In addition, OFFTIME will create a history that will let you know the blocks you have made in the day, week, month and year.


  • Time to disconnect: The app allows you to rest. Schedule your application blocking time and calls in advance. Automate your digital detoxification time.
  • Extended OFFTIME programming, allowing to define specific specific dates.
  • OFFTIME events: now you can invite your Android / iOs friends and family to join an OFFTIME event. Disconnect together as long as you want and do something fun and useful in this time together without using electronic devices.
  • Statistics of your events: daily, weekly, monthly and annual.
  • Access backup copies of all your devices, so that no matter what device you use, your OFFTIME time is registered and you disconnect on all your screens.
  • Decide how to finish your OFFTIME! Not cancelable, long press, wait time to unlock
  • Other customization options (how OFFTIME manages sound during a blockage, do not disturb mode, repeated calls from the same number)

OFFTIME also has a PRO version that will also allow you to:

  • Schedule more than one OFFTIME moment at a time
  • You can create different blocking profiles to block calls from contacts in your phonebook you want while you are in OFFTIME.
  • Daily usage limit: Set how much time can you spend on specific and customizable app groups

The OFFTIME team is working to improve the versions of our App, so that every time you disconnect more and you can dedicate yourself to everything that the mobile has taken from you.
What are you waiting for to live again free of your devices? Join an OFFTIME life and disconnect to connect!

OFFTIME – Digital disconnection
Download OFFTIME – Digital disconnection for android

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