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Projectivy Launcher MOD APK 4.35

Projectivy Launcher
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Projectivy LauncherProjectivy LauncherProjectivy LauncherProjectivy Launcher

Projectivy Launcher is an alternative launcher for Android TV, tailored for your TVs and projectors needs : smooth, neat, customizable and bundled with unique features. It’s Projectivy Tools on steroids !

Projectivy Launcher Features:

  • No Ads
  • Shortcuts to change input source (HDMI 1/2/3, AV) and onscreen menu popup
  • Auto start directly to any external input or installed app
  • Parental control to prevent HDMI/app usage on certain periods of the day
  • Idle detection to shutdown/standby your device
  • Sleeck design : dynamic colors (à la Material You), smooth animations, random wallpaper…
  • IU customization (apps hiding/reordering, custom sections, sizes, transparency, wallpaper…)
  • Configure multiple display profiles and apply them on demand or when input changes
  • Calibrate display with advanced settings and dedicated calibration patterns (standard, 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, judder…)
  • Ability to override stock launcher
  • Zoom/Unzoom video image
  • Show device details
  • Shortcuts to some special engineering menus and apps, if available (ex: Mediatek, AmLogic, Xiaomi, FengOS…)
  • Show mobile apps (not dedicated to Android Tv) that don’t appear on stock launcher
  • Force UI to 4K [ROOT]
  • Freeze (disable) stock apps [ROOT]
  • Freeze (disable) stock launcher to replace with another one [ROOT]
  • Ability to override custom props (ie: enable adb…) [ROOT]
  • Decrease Input Lag [ROOT]

Please note that due to different hardware, some features might not be available on all models
Features noted with [ROOT] will require your device to be rooted in order to be available

Get Premium to support development and benefit from extended features:

  • More than 1 app protected by Parental control
  • More than 1 display profile
  • User customizable wallpaper


Tested on:
1080p Laser Projectors (MiProjA1):
Xiaomi Mi Laser UST Projector 150″ (chinese) (MJJGYY01FM)
Xiaomi Mi Laser UST Projector 150″ (international) (MJJGYY02FM)
Wemax One 7000 (FMWS01C)
Wemax One Pro (FMWS02C)
4k Laser Projectors (MiProjLas2):
Xiaomi Mi Laser UST Projector 150″ 4k (chinese) (MJJGTYDS01FM)
Wemax A300 (L1668FCF)
Fengmi 4K cinema laser (L176FCN)
Fengmi 4K cinema pro laser (L176FCN-Pro)
Fengmi Formovie T1, C2
Led projectors (MiProjLED1):
Xiaomi Mi Home Projector Lite / Mijia DLP Projector Youth edition (MJJGTYDS02FM)
Mijia DLP Projector Youth Global edition / Mi Smart Compact Projector (international) (M055MGN, SJL4014GL)
Xiaomi Mijia Mi / ZMiProj (TYY01ZM)
Mi TV 3s, 4, 4a/4c/4s/4x
Tv Boxes:
NVidia Shield / NVidia Shield Pro
Mi Box S

AVS HD 709 Calibration Patterns authored by alluringreality & hwjohn (full credits in app)
This app is not affiliated in any way with Xiaomi, Fengmi or any of its subsidiaries
Trademarks and model names listed above are © copyrighted by their respective owners
Not for commercial use. If you want to redistribute it, please contact me.

For discussion and support, see the XDA-Developer thread here:


Projectivy Launcher
Download Projectivy Launcher for android

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