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SPACE: Break phone addiction, stay focused v18.4 (Pro)

SPACE: Break phone addiction, stay focused
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SPACE: Break phone addiction, stay focusedSPACE: Break phone addiction, stay focusedSPACE: Break phone addiction, stay focusedSPACE: Break phone addiction, stay focusedSPACE: Break phone addiction, stay focused

Trusted by millions of users globally to break their phone addiction
Featured by Google as an ‘Essential App’ on Play Store
Helps you reduce screen time
Enables you to focus on your priority
Helps you increase efficiency and productivity
Helps you spend more time with family keeping aside your smartphone
Blocks unwanted notifications
Stay focused, break phone addiction and manage your screen time
Change habits with friends and family (across IOS and Android)
Take our 8 Day Course to Find your phone/life balance

Smartphones have made our life a lot easier, but it comes with its own set of drawbacks. Today smartphone addiction is a growing concern amongst people of all age groups. SPACE tracks your screen time/phone usage and thus helps you recognize your addiction with your phone.

Phones can leave us feeling anxious, distracted and absent from important moments with our friends, families and ourselves. Sometimes it can feel like we’re not in control. The answer isn’t to avoid using phones altogether. That’s not realistic and isn’t even necessary.
Instead, we can focus on being in control of when and how we use our devices.

SPACE is here to help you find your phone/life balance and overcome your addiction and helps you develop a healthy attitude towards your screens.

With SPACE you will:

  • Understand your current habits;
  • Understand what ‘type’ of phone user you are – be it boredom battler, social sticky-mitt, rabbit hole wanderer or a busy bee;
  • Set goals to track phone usage/screen time and unlocks, track progress against these goals over time; including usage by the app;
  • Use tools, such as excluding apps, notification blocking and screen dimming to curb your phone usage
  • Receive interruptions to keep you on track;
  • Share your progress with friends, families, and colleagues, building new habits together (pro)
  • Benchmark performance against other SPACE users (pro)
  • Unlock top tips to achieve digital balance and control phone addiction
  • This productivity app helps you to unplug when you need to focus.

SPACE users end up spending less time on their phone. Amongst our wider user base, SPACE users spend on usage average 2 hours and 46 mins on their phones per day – whilst the average US citizen is reported to spend 4 hours and 16 mins.

After using SPACE for 4 weeks users reported that*:

85% better understood their smartphone usage, 71% improved their smartphone usage, 40% improved their sense of wellbeing, 30% improved productivity.

SPACE is an app to manage phone addiction and help restrict mobile usage. Unplug yourself from your phone addiction and spend your time being more productive and creative. SPACE is free to users and does not contain adverts. We don’t encourage scrolling or social networks.

You can unlock some additional features by upgrading to SPACE Pro with a one-time payment.
If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions to improve the app, please feel free to write to us at info@space-app.com.

By installing this app you agree to the following privacy policy:


SPACE: Break phone addiction, stay focused
Download SPACE: Break phone addiction, stay focused for android

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