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Sugar Mail email app MOD APK 1.4-309

Sugar Mail email app
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Sugar Mail email appSugar Mail email appSugar Mail email appSugar Mail email app

Get reliable push mail at low battery usage!

  • Push mail (get new mail near instantly)
  • Add Internet mail accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.com, and many others from AOL to Zoho
  • Or add corporate mail accounts like Exchange / Office 365 with contact and calendar sync
  • Supports multiple accounts and folders with accounts / folders overview
  • Supports dark theme (automatic on recent Android versions)
  • Combined inbox shows messages from all accounts / folders
  • Smart message sort (optional, unread and pinned at the top)
  • Snoozing (postponed notifications)
  • Scheduled sending allows you to write messages now and have the app send them later
  • Save messages as .pdf or .eml
  • Formatted compose (from color to bulleted lists)
  • Use snippets (on the compose screen, with formatting and images)
  • Create multiple signatures
  • Create message bundles (by sender address or domain, with presets for shopping and social networks)
  • Block unwanted messages by sender address
  • Unsubscribe from mailing lists or promos easily

This is a 14 day trial, after this please consider purchasing at $11.95 / year (a monthly sub is also available)

Sugar Mail email app
Download Sugar Mail email app for android

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