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Tafayor Cache Cleaner v1.4.32 (Premium)

Tafayor Cache Cleaner
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Tafayor Cache CleanerTafayor Cache Cleaner

This app is a powerful cleaner that deletes all junk files by clearing the cache, and hence it frees up storage space and optimizes the performance of your phone.

All apps in your phone have in their cache many unnecessary files which reduce the available storage space and slows down your phone .

Tafayor Cache Cleaner Features

  • Clean the phone
  • Clear cache
  • Delete junk files
  • Delete unused files
  • Clean user apps and system apps.
  • Whitelist
  • Shortcuts

Your privacy is safe

  • This app does not collect any data.

This app uses Accessibility services


  • This app requires the accessibility service permission in order to be able to clear the cache of other apps
  • This app will be able to retrieve the active window content in order to find the button which clears the cache of an app in the system settings, then emulate a click action.
  • This app will be able to observe the actions related to the interface in order to guide the process of automating the task of clearing the cache , by monitoring the transition between windows during the emulation of interaction with the interface.
  • This app requires the permission to draw above the other apps in order to be able to show the wait screen while cleaning the cache.

Email : contact@tafayor.com
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Tafayor Cache Cleaner
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