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Tapatalk Pro – 200,000+ Forums 8.9.4.P (Paid)

Tapatalk Pro - 200,000+ Forums
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Tapatalk Pro - 200,000+ ForumsTapatalk Pro - 200,000+ ForumsTapatalk Pro - 200,000+ ForumsTapatalk Pro - 200,000+ ForumsTapatalk Pro - 200,000+ Forums

If you are always looking for an easy app to help you connect with people with similar interests or ideas, Tapatalk will be the right choice for you. The reason I recommend this app is because its possibilities are endless about connecting people to each other through forums. Yes, this application will allow users to easily connect with more than 200,000 different forums. With such a huge number of forums, finding friends with the same ideal will become easier than ever.

Tapatalk Pro Features

In addition to allowing you to access and read the content of more than 200,000 forums, Tapatalk also offers many other attractive features with the VIP version.


Two hundred thousand forums, a huge number that users certainly can not expect. But the most impressive thing is that each forum represents an ideal, a fact, or a concept. And if users have an interest in specific areas, they can join the forums they want. Users are not limited in the number of forums they can participate in and through forums users are free to do other interesting things.

Because of the huge number of forums, the application will have a classification system, almost all important areas will be taken as examples to describe. For example, if you want to search a forum for nerds, then search through “Education”. Food will be “Food And Drink”, and countless other areas of life that users can participate.

Home page

Instead of having to search for forums that suit you myself, this app will recommend popular forums to users. As long as posts are noticed and have a lot of interaction, they will immediately be recommended to users. Even the content of the post will be described in detail and users can participate in discussions directly on that topic. It is not difficult to comment, even this application will come with a customized text editor. Even with this text editor, users can still freely accompany files, images or videos. Not only that, to make users’ comments more emotional, users can use Emoji or Sticker included.


This is the fastest way to notify users about having new posts in their forums. Just enable notifications on some forums, and it will immediately notify all activities that are happening in the forum to the user. Even if other members are discussing, users can be notified and join them.

Access Your Forums On-The-Go

This feature allows users to directly connect to the original forum of a company or a manufacturer. Or, users can use the bookmark feature to keep tracking faster. If the forum selected by the user requires logging in, it can also be done right on this application.


Unlike Notification, this feature allows you to bookmark forums that you like yourself. Lets you access them directly and avoid wasting time searching. The forum that Bookmark users will immediately be displayed first on the home page when the user logs into this application.

Tapatalk is guaranteed to help you quickly connect to all the forums that are appearing worldwide. Not just that, it will try to give you the best experience when surfing the forum on mobile devices.

Tapatalk Pro - 200,000+ Forums
Download Tapatalk Pro - 200,000+ Forums for android

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