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100 Pull Ups Workout MOD APK 3.2.5 (Premium)

Do you think it is impossible to make 100 Pull Ups at a time? Try 100 Pull Ups app with extremely effective workout plans developed personally for you!

We created over 20 Pull Ups Workouts that will increase your strength and stamina in a short time. First results in 7 days!

100 Pull Ups – Calisthenics Bodyweight Workouts incudes the following workout plans

  • Basic Pull Ups
  • Wide Grip Pull Ups
  • Close Grip Pull Ups
  • Alternate Grip Pull Ups
  • Side to Side Pull Ups
  • Behind the Neck Pull Ups
  • Archer Pull Ups
  • Around the Clock Pull Ups
  • Hanging Bat Pull Ups
  • Angled Pull Ups
  • Commando Pull Ups
  • Switch Grip Pull Ups
  • One Hand Pull Ups
  • Legs Rise Pull Ups
  • Jumping Pull Ups
  • Cyclone Pull Ups
  • Chest Pull Ups
  • Slowmo Pull Ups
  • Dyno Pull Ups
  • Muscle Ups

Your Fitness Coach – Personal Workout Plans

These workouts are perfect for beginners and professionals. Do you want to build muscles, increase strength and stamina? Based on your fitness level app will generate your personal workout plan.

Fast Results

Looking for workouts that really work? Effective workout plans created by professional fitness coaches will help you to see the results after 1 week!

Strength Training – Calisthenics Bodyweight Workouts

This is highly effective fitness app for core muscle strength strength training.
If you are looking for effective home workout app to build strength, boost stamina, lose weight and muscle building, 100 Pull Ups is the best calisthenics bodyweight fitness app.

Effective Motivation

We’ve prepared addicting motivation system which will turn your workout into addicting game.

Achieve your Goals

Each week you will have your personal workout goals. Achieve it to get to the next level.

Track your progress

Track your progress and see your stats on the graphs.
Reminders will help you don’t miss the workout.

Challenge your Friends

Invite your friends to the Leaderboard. Challenge your friends and users worldwide.

Main app features

  • Effective calisthenics bodyweight workout plans
  • Nice and simple UI
  • Personal workout plans based on your fitness level
  • Addicting motivation system
  • Weekly goals and progress tracking
  • Leaderboard to challenge friends and worldwide users
  • Reminders will help you don’t miss a workout

Benefits of Pull Ups

Pull-ups is a compound exercise that affects 3 main areas of you body; chest , arms (biceps and triceps), and back. Pull-ups give you functional strength, improve posture, define your back and work your core.

Just do 3 workouts per week and get a perfect body you’ve always wanted!

Just 3 workouts per week. Start now!

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