30 Days Women Workout – Fitness Challenge 1.9 (SAP Premium)

30 Days Women Workout – Fitness Challenge 1.9 (SAP Premium)

30 Days Women Workout – Fitness Challenge is designed to help improve fitness, health and fitness. All exercises are studied by a professional fitness trainer. Take a look at the exercise program and you will see great results.

With 3D video tutorials and illustrations, you can practice the right way. No equipment needed, so you can easily practice at home or anywhere, anytime.

Features 30 Days Women Workout – Fitness Challenge app:

  • Automatically record workout progress
  • Remind you to exercise daily with 30 day fitness challenge
  • Detailed instruction in 3D video and illustrations
  • 30 days abs challenge
  • 30 days full body challenge
  • 30 day butt challenge
  • 30 Days Weight Loss Apps

30 Days Women Workout – Fitness Challenge helps you lose weight in 30 days. Try our 30 day workout and you will see unexpected results.

Workout at Home
Take a few minutes a day to stay in shape and lose weight at home. No need any equipment, just the effort and your hard work.

Fitness Coach
All exercises are designed by professional fitness coach. It’s like having a personal trainer with you.

Short Workout
We know you don’t have much time for practice. So the exercises are designed to be concise and effective, which helps you sweat and increase your heart rate in minutes. These Hiit exercises can maximize results.

Easy Workout
Exercise apps are suitable for most people because they are all basic exercises, suitable for beginners.


Try to practice every day will help you get better.
5S Studio wishes you have moments of practice fun and full of health!

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