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8 Ball Pool MOD APK v5.12.0

8 Ball Pool
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8 Ball Pool MOD APK is a classic and professional billiard game that brings you real billiards. In this billiards game, you can play online with your friends and participate in different tournaments. You will be able to improve your skills by practicing. By collecting more coins, you will be able to buy billiard tables, sticks, etc. You can also buy more power with coins so that you can throw the ball with more power and give them spin. You can chat with your opponent during the game. Don’t worry about running out of money. You get 25 coins every 15 minutes of the game. Even if you are in the losing game, some money will be saved for you just because you have played so that you can continue with your next games. Just try to win and score so that you can become a famous billiards player in the city and everyone will count on you.

Perhaps billiards is a familiar game for many people, and if you are a fan of this famous sport, download 8 Ball Pool on your phone to experience moments of good entertainment. This is the #1 billiards simulation game in the world with unique features that have just been updated. The gameplay of this game is simple and realistic. By using the special touch control system, players approach this game more easily and easily. This game does not require any finesse and skill in the player, but they are taught how to play to correctly place the balls in the hole. Join the game with your friends and become the best billiards player.
New updates
In this new version, 8 Ball Pool has more changes with the addition of emotes and messaging features so that players can chat in the game. During matches, players can chat directly with each other using messages to make it easier to exchange or search for something. With this new content, the game brings more interesting and interesting things to the players.

Complete a 1-VAT-ONE match or 8-player tournament
Players are challenged in many exciting levels and matches in multiplayer mode or single player mode in 8 Ball Pool. To win tournaments, you can customize your skills in practice arenas to play the game more professionally. With this unique customization feature, you can face world opponents in big tournaments and become an exclusive player. In addition, playing in multiplayer mode will help you learn a lot of experience and unique gameplay of your friends.

Play to get coins and exclusive items
For easier control, you can customize the club and ride to your liking. Also, in every 1v1 competitive match, you have to bet coins to play and if you win that match, you get coins that other players bet on. You can use the coins you earn to participate in higher ranked matches with bigger stakes or buy new items in the store.

Challenge with friends and level up
If you get bored of playing with the device, join the challenge with your friends. To play with friends, you must be logged in with your Miniclip or Facebook account so you can invite your friends directly from 8 Ball Pool to take on the challenge. With this exciting feature, you can play with your friends anytime and anywhere and show off your professional billiards skills. Participating in challenging matches will help you level up quickly and level up your game. Play with lots of good players to challenge yourself to progress and access exclusive matches.

Different game modes
5 different game modes correspond to each level and players have to pay to have cards to unlock new levels and experiences. As mentioned above, to earn a lot of money, you need to participate in many big tournaments, events and win at the table. In addition, if you want to practice to improve your billiards skills, you can create your own room and invite friends or good players to join to learn from their experience. You can use a combination of other players’ experience and your own skills to come up with the smartest shot strategy and surprise your opponent with your shots. From there you can control and fight more easily.

Great graphics and sound
The 2D graphics platform, but the game is very accurate and very detailed, has brought a more realistic and interesting experience to the players. The impact of the game when hitting the ball to fall into the hole is fantastic and attracts the players. In addition, the physical effects and movement of the billiards are also very flexible and accurate, and the ball movement is also fantastic.

Game sounds are a factor in attracting players because those sounds are very familiar and real, such as the sound of a billiard ball falling into a hole, the sound of balls hitting each other, or the sound that is added when the ball is pressed. The attractiveness of the game is that although it is a simulation (virtual) game, it gives players a real and exciting experience and makes players take their eyes off the screen. If you are a fan of this sport, 8 Ball Pool is a great game that you should not miss.

Some features of Eight Ball Pool Android game:

  • The possibility of customizing your billiard table or stick
  • Two-player game against friends and other users
8 Ball Pool
Download 8 Ball Pool for android

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