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Arrow Fest MOD APK v10.17

Arrow Fest
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Arrow FestArrow FestArrow FestArrow Fest

Arrow Fest MOD APK is an action game from the studio Rollic Games, which has been released on DLP for free. Control your arrows and destroy all the people who are in your way and collect a lot of coins and thus by collecting these coins you can upgrade your arrows and your income. You should try your best to maximize your number of arrows and kill all the enemies and giants. Choose the best gates and go through them to increase your arrows.
If you can destroy the enemies and giants you will get a lot of coins. Go to the next stage by completing each stage and destroying the giants and enemies. The control of the game is very simple and for this you just need to drag your finger on the screen. In Arrow Fest there are many gates that you have to decide which gate to pass your arrows through.
At the beginning of the Arrow Fest game, you start with a small number of arrows, and by selecting the multiplication, division, negative and addition gates, you can increase or decrease the number of your arrows and thus eliminate more enemies. Move through different environments with many gates and enemies and challenge yourself.

Arrow Fest starts a course with a variety of choices, but the best are the arrows heading to the finish line. The number of arrows behind you increases significantly in each match. The latest sci-fi skins have been released. Update them quickly! A relaxed atmosphere full of fun as you train and gather enough power, then start setting up your defenses and destroy the giants you encounter along the way.

Arrow Fest Android game

The most special road
Regardless of the speed and strength of the game, Arrow Fest is simpler and easier to eat. This system provides a long path in which there are various elements such as flash, gift, threat. So you have to make decisions, collect items or face traps. Don’t forget the rewards along the way to boost your morale.

The path changes to different colors according to each stage. Some partitions divide it into two parts and then display the option to increase or decrease the number of arrows. The more you collect, the more lives you will save and the journey will continue. But when you have to destroy all the bows, you will have trouble to deal with the monsters, the opportunity is lost and you have to finish the race.

View your trip
A visual meter records your steps to measure your progress in Arrow Fest. From there, your level and the number of rewards you receive will be constantly updated on the home page. Keep track of all bonus activity even while you’re busy collecting flash. The level system is updated every day and you don’t have to worry about reaching the limit. Each time you pass the level, the difficulty of the game will increase again, and of course you will be involved in mathematics!

It’s nice to be able to apply math for fun and calculate how much more or less you’ll gain or lose with your selection. Addition, subtraction, multiplication or division by any number. Pay attention to the number of arrows you have to choose wisely! Two in one! Enjoy destroying monsters while learning math and doing simple calculations. Have you chosen it for yourself?

The most interesting thing is that Arrow Fest opens fun games with prizes. Even on the way, you will get more coins if you make a perfect decision or if you have the ability to destroy the scary monster on the way. But when it is possible to complete the race, collecting the prizes becomes more fun when there are more of them. Use them to increase your reputation on the league leaderboards and compete with other players by reaching the finish line faster or killing more monsters.

Make sure to provide the most modern playground
Arrow Fest is new and realistic with simple user interface, 3D graphics, real and unique content, which can also attract millions of entertainment daily. Only having fun and learning math through addition and subtraction calculations is a space that is more invested and developed. Are you ready for the race to collect arrows and destroy this monster? After your experience, don’t forget to leave a review so the next update will look better!

Some features of Arrow Fest MOD APK Android game:

  • Simple and intuitive game
  • Easy controls
  • Contains many unique levels
  • Destroy a large number of enemies and giants
  • Contains lots of gates
  • Collect lots of coins
  • Upgrade your beams and income
Arrow Fest
Download Arrow Fest for android

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