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Autostart and StaY! 4.2.0 (Pro)

Autostart and StaY!
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Autostart and StaY!Autostart and StaY!Autostart and StaY!Autostart and StaY!Autostart and StaY!

Autostart and StaY! is a simple app that lets you do the following:

  • Does NOT need root!
  • Make an app autostart at system start (autostart mode) with various options, like
  • On Boot Completed
  • On SD Card Mounted
  • On Media Scanner Completed
  • And many more!
  • Autostart using BroadcastReceiver Intent also supported!
  • Make an app always stay in the foreground (persistent mode)
  • With the option to keep screen always alive!
  • Advanced scan for low memory devices
  • Main functionality (Autostart, Persist, Broadcast) does NOT need root!!!
  • Root only needed for Autostop and some advanced experimental features.


Important notice:

  • This App cannot start 3rd party apps in directly the background.
  • It cannot also protect background 3rd party apps from being killed/stopped by the Android OS.
  • It can only make sure one single App can stay in the *foreground* with the `Persist` option.


Let’s consider you have a mini-pc, and you are using it as a media station for your TV. One such great app for this purpose is Kodi (XBMC). So, you ultimately want this app to start every time your boot-up your mini-pc and of course you want to make sure that this app always stays in the foreground. This means that no other app can take Kodi’s place in the foreground and in the unlikely event of a program crash, the app is launched right back! 🙂

Thank you for downloading this free app! Let me know if you want any other functionalities added! Please also inform me of any bugs, so that I can fix them! 🙂


From version 3.0.2 there is a sticky notification when the service is running. Unfortunately this is the only way to keep the Service from being killed by Android at the moment!

Autostart and StaY!
Download Autostart and StaY! for android

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