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BombSquad v1.7.18

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BombSquad MOD APK is the name of an exciting game in the Action genre for Android phones, which was placed on the Google Play network by Eric Froemling. This title has been received more than five million times in the Play Store and has received very good feedback from users. The bomb group consists of several mini-games with high details and can be implemented as a group.
Although this game has several different sections with their own characteristics, in all of them, the most important goal you always follow is to eliminate your opponents. You can use many items to achieve this goal, but using this equipment requires skills that are acquired with experience. Bombs are one of the best things that can be thrown and are found in abundance.
But the rest of the items are only available in a limited number in your collection, and after the stock runs out, you have to go to the store and pay a fee to get them. Every point you get in the game can be recorded online and on the global leaderboard, but you have to work for hours to get the best score among all the players. Each character and hero you have chosen for each mini-game has the ability to upgrade and personalize, and this feature is activated with the points you have collected. The new update provided for the game has improved the image quality and texture details in the best possible way and added new and interesting features for this challenging game. For this reason, users have received more than before for downloading.

BombSquad Android game

Some features of BombSquad Android action game:

  • Contains several different mini-games
  • Throwing different hub bombs at opponents to get points
  • Ability to compete with friends in multiplayer and increase excitement
  • Personalizing and upgrading characters in mini games
  • Support for Android tablets and phones with large and small screens
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