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Bus Simulator – Bus Games 3D MOD APK v1.3.61

Bus Simulator - Bus Games 3D
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Bus Simulator - Bus Games 3DBus Simulator - Bus Games 3DBus Simulator - Bus Games 3DBus Simulator - Bus Games 3D

Bus Simulator – Bus Games 3D MOD APK is a role-playing game from the game studio Jima Apps, which has been released on Get Android for free. If you are a fan of driving a bus, as we previously introduced games like Bus Simulator: Ultimate, Bus Simulator: Original, Bus Simulator 17, etc., don’t miss this game. Bus Simulator has been downloaded more than 100 million times on Google Play. and installed. Here you can become a real public transport bus driver and pick up and deliver many passengers who are waiting for you at the bus stops. There are challenging missions to complete to show your driving skills and deliver your passengers to their destination on time. Use the tilt controls, the buttons or the steering wheel on the right and left side of the image to steer your bus. Drive on tracks and highways and pick up passengers and earn points. The existence of realistic environments, incredible vehicles, wonderful interiors and real maps of highways and city routes and quality graphics will give you the feeling of driving a real bus.

Your dream of being a driver to guide a group of people on the move can come true if you step into the city bus simulator. Now we bring you colorful buses and epic interior designs. Without stopping here, you will experience the most real emotions. Since the roads you cross are clearly simulated. A guide map is displayed so that you can easily understand the location and move faster.

Bus Simulator Android game

Experience the job of a bus driver
First of all, you will be welcomed by our unique public buses. In the warehouse, many cars with different colors appear before your eyes. After choosing your favorite car, you immediately set off to transport passengers on fixed routes. Here, you cannot move freely like in other vehicle games. Or you can’t even customize the car as you want.

The level of thought and perfection of professional buses
However, you don’t have to worry about stationary cars in City Bus Simulator. As it promises, it won’t let you down when its interior is truly amazing, it lacks any features, even in every detail, and everything is simulated like a real bus. In particular, the turn signals or headlights are fully installed and can be turned on and used.

The appearance of rear mirrors is magical
Not stopping there, rearview mirrors have also been duly added. This helps you avoid unwanted collisions that occur when moving left and right. In addition, soft and comfortable seats are ready to receive passengers and take them to fixed stations installed on the map. Now, City Bus Simulator gives you the experience to challenge your driving level. Can you escort the passengers safely and on time to the bus station?

When there is a complete control system, control the car easily
The control system of City Bus Simulator is very realistically simulated. Not to mention the presence of a steering wheel that helps you easily control the bus route. In addition, we cannot discount a solid car braking system. Not stopping there, loud car horns and pedestrian signal lights are also provided. At the same time, the fuel reporting system is also marked so that players know when they run out of gas. From there you can drive the car to the nearest gas station for energy.

Adventure across the streets will make passengers reach the station on time
This is also a journey where you can take your passengers from one bus station to another in the city on fixed routes. At the same time, it is also considered an adventure for the player while freely exploring the beautiful and modern roads. Tall buildings that you pass or speed control so that you can run into many other cars to ensure the right time.

Get into the role of a public bus driver who performs the most thoughtful and safe passenger transport mission.
A chance to explore and admire the beautiful streets with tall buildings system, real traffic system.
Drive the bus on fixed routes based on the specified map to avoid getting lost and not finding the next bus stop.
It is easy to control the bus safely because the control system is fully displayed on the screen.
Strictly follow traffic safety rules such as not running red lights. When asking for directions, you must turn on the turn signals.

Some features of the Bus Simulator – Bus Games 3D Android game:

  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Smooth and realistic bus controls
  • Realistic bus sound effects
  • Multiple options to control city bus like tilt, buttons or steering wheel
  • A wonderful collection of buses
  • Detailed interior
  • Real traffic rules
  • Multiple camera views
Bus Simulator - Bus Games 3D
Download Bus Simulator - Bus Games 3D for android

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