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Call Notes MOD APK 22.03.1 (Paid Pro)

Call Notes Pro helps you to identify who is calling you.

You will see the pop-up window during the call with the note, time of the last call and any of the address book fields like company, position, birthday, even country, and mobile operator.

You can enter notes as to when you are on a call and sync your in-app notes with Evernote and OneNote.

The app is a must-have for those who communicate a lot with new people and who have a long list of contacts. Business owners, consultants, lawyers, salespeople, recruiters, and journalists are satisfied users of the app.


Call Notes Pro will show you the floating window with your note and all contact details. You will always know who is calling. It is very easy to update the note after or during the call. Store your comments or any other useful information about the contact.

Contact fields

In addition to the notes, there is a lot of important information that would be nice to see when you are on the call. The caller’s organization, position, important anniversaries and a lot of other fields are always visible during the call.


Sync your in-app notes with Evernote and OneNote. Your notes are always with you and synced on all of your devices. You can easily access and edit your notes in the Evernote or OneNote desktop apps and even share them with colleagues.


Simple, but flexible reminders. Plan calls, schedule recurring calls, add notes and never more forget to call back later.


All your notes and contacts are safe and private. Privacy is our top priority! The app does not upload your data anywhere and uses only official API for the sync.

Call Notes Pro is your simple, personal and private CRM and Caller ID.

Call Notes Pro Features:

  • Display information such as a note, company, title, birthday, group, calendar event, full name, last call time, number and its type, type of call, address, email, website, location, and carrier.
  • Modify the notes directly from the app, after the call or even during the call.
  • Highly customizable, you can adjust the on-screen position, font size, and color to fit your UI theme.
  • Support for all Android contacts fields and internal note databases. You can even add notes for unknown numbers.
  • Sync in-app notes with Evernote and OneNote.
  • Schedule simple or recurring reminders with notes for any phone number, not only your contacts.
  • Request notes from the remote CRM server.
  • Full dual-SIM support.
  • Dark theme.
  • Supports Android Wear devices.
  • Runs on any Android version from Lollipop, including Android 10.

Purchase the Call Notes Pro app to make your communication more efficient. Check our help center for app docs and support:

Category: Business
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Developer: Andrey Nikanorov
September 25, 2022
6.0 and up
Latest Version: 22.03.1
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4.5 2123 total


Unfortunately, due to the new US and international sanctions against Russia and Belarus, Call Notes Pro Cloud will be temporary shutdown. Our database and infrastructure storage provider has terminated service for us.

Android Call Notes Pro app is NOT affected and will work as usual, only the cloud sync will be stopped.

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