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CallMaster MOD APK 7.4 (Premium)

CallMaster: Blocker & Recorder
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CallMaster: Blocker & RecorderCallMaster: Blocker & RecorderCallMaster: Blocker & RecorderCallMaster: Blocker & RecorderCallMaster: Blocker & Recorder

Piloting is one of the most popular and at the same time most responsible jobs in the world, pilots also sometimes face problems during their flights around the world that they must be able to solve by relying on their abilities. to do them and save the lives of passengers. Among the sudden problems that arise for pilots is weather and atmospheric changes, which may cause problems in navigation in addition to damage to the aircraft. Therefore, access to weather information is very necessary for pilots. Avia Weather – METAR & TAF Premium is a meteorological application for pilots developed by Remy Webservices UG for Android and published on Google Play. This software helps pilots to have access to specific weather information by benefiting from several diverse features. One of the reasons for the uniqueness of this start-up can be the presentation of its information in special formats that only pilots are able to understand. More than 9,500 different airports around the world are supported by this startup, whose weather reports are continuously reviewed so that pilots can quickly notice any changes.

Some features and capabilities of the Avia Weather – METAR & TAF Android program:

Access to weather information in specific formats
Support for 9500 different airports worldwide
Identification of new weather stations around the world with ICAO or IATA-Codes
Organization of weather stations according to user needs
Providing information such as the type of precipitation, wind speed and direction, field of view, etc.
A dedicated widget to display METAR or TAF information

Phone Call Recorder, Spam Call Blocker, Call Filter and Caller id in a single app free app –
CallMaster blocks spam calls and the following types of flagged calls from our database: block spam
calls, block robocalls, spam likely, scam call blocker, and potential fraud calls.
CallMaster also includes a Call Recorder that enables you to record all your calls easily.

Key Features:

  • Spam Call Blocker
  • Easy to use call recorder – recording of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Call Filter
  • Block unknown callers
  • Telemarketing, spam and robocall blocker
  • Call Filter from blacklist on your device.
  • Block calls from our extensive spam database.
  • Caller ID

With CallMaster you can record all your calls easily, block spam calls, phone numbers and contacts
from your phone book or dialer.
Thank you for using Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder – CallMaster
Please note that the user of the app is responsible to adhere to local laws and regulations regarding the consent for recording calls.

CallMaster: Blocker & Recorder
Download CallMaster: Blocker & Recorder for android

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