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City Fighter vs Street Gang MOD APK v2.3.1

City Fighter vs Street Gang
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City Fighter vs Street Gang MOD APK is an action game from the game studio Game Theory Games, which has been released on Dlpure for free. The story of the game is about a warrior who fights crime and he wants to drink orange juice as soon as he enters his house, but he realizes that someone has entered his house and stolen all his juices. has taken. He finds out that a criminal group is stealing all the juices in the world to take to their boss. He must fight mujahideen, mafias and thieves to get his orange juice back. Can you help him? Here you can show your fighting style, karate, kung fu, muay thai, kickboxing and boxing to the street gang. Now it’s time to see how you fight with your punches and kicks. Of course, you should not underestimate your enemies! They are powerful street fighters. They will attack you with many different techniques and it is your duty to beat them all or use your weapon to prepare for the brutal battle in the city. So try to be a superhero to return your juices against bad guys like prisoner, gangster and mafia in this amazing game and survive and become a hero in this battle. 3D animation graphics make you feel comfortable in the game. Open boxes to discover and equip new weapons and eat bananas for more power. Collect oranges from gangsters and unlock new warriors. You can choose different weapons and equipment to attack enemies from the ground. Upgrade your character’s abilities such as Health, Power Punch, Kick Power and Weapon. Play with Arya, Hitman, Jason and more. All these characters are martial arts masters who have different fighting styles and powers. So choose wisely and fight different factions and bosses to end the injustices and become a hero.

What will you experience in the game City Fighter vs Street Gang?
City Fighter vs Street Gang perfected the mistakes and made a significant comeback with more moves. You will play as a good guy in everything. Too bad you can’t make drinks because thieves took them. The journey begins to find, collect and defeat those who stand in the way of protecting the number of oranges. From a warrior with excellent fighting skills, show them your skills with different martial arts.

City Fighter vs Street Gang Android game

Changing the look of the characters
When confirming the company, a menu by City Fighter vs. Street Gang is offered to players to help you fill in your name and choose the most suitable appearance. Will you become a new person? Take a look at the wardrobe and there are interesting things that you can try. There are unique skins on the front. You can change them after each round. However, choose wisely to be more comfortable with that particular outfit.

Anything that comes your way can be used as a weapon for you in City Fighter vs. Street Gang should be used. The process of intense confrontation will continue through the round. You can use any skill or show off your skills with a stick or gun. So everything develops faster, don’t forget to see the red ruler with the location icon to know the number of oranges that have been taken back from the enemy.

Control characters through touch
City Fighter vs. players Built with touch controls, Street Gang can directly control their character’s actions in the ring. Contains four buttons with different symbols. You need to know how they work and create beautiful movements by combining them. The martial arts you use are karate, kung fu, muay thai, kickboxing and boxing. It’s exciting to be able to do them well and take the opponent out quickly.

Keep track of how much health and mana you’ve spent while fighting them, and stop recharging at the right time. Don’t leave yourself here; You can’t give up until you’ve collected enough lost oranges. From the forest to the street, try to find them and make them stop in different places. Your mission will be long and ongoing, and you will do well!

Champion of justice protection
City Fighter vs Street Gang is more realistic and eye-catching with a combination of visuals and sounds. Everything offered has a unique selection. You will only be rewarded for completing the mission of retrieving the orange from the enemy. You have no teammates, but the number of people facing you is huge, make a wise strategy for this unequal game! We believe in you and make sure the problem is safe for what may happen, don’t forget to leave a review after your experience.

Key Features
Role playing and action with the first mission: retrieve the lost oranges from your kitchen.
Change the look and feel of your characters and make them the perfect version of you.
Use the right set of advanced weapons and take advantage of what is available on the battlefield.
Fight anywhere, reach the bandits and block their way.
Expertly combine unique martial arts to create the most interesting victory.

Some features of City Fighter vs Street Gang MOD APK Android game :

  • Many characters with different fighting moves
  • Many different gangsters and bosses to fight
  • Quality graphics and smooth gameplay
  • Discover and be equipped with new weapons
  • Improve the abilities of your character
  • Discover different skills
  • Easy control
City Fighter vs Street Gang
Download City Fighter vs Street Gang for android

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