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Compress Photo Puma MOD APK 1.0.60 (Premium)

Puma Image Compressor, Resizer
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Puma Image Compressor, ResizerPuma Image Compressor, ResizerPuma Image Compressor, ResizerPuma Image Compressor, ResizerPuma Image Compressor, Resizer

Image Compressor Puma: Image Resizer Photo Resizer is a professional image compressor application developed by farluner apps & games and published on Google Play. Lack of data storage space is one of the problems that many users are facing today. The main reason for this lack of space is the extremely high quality of the files and the increase in the capabilities of smartphones. Although such problems are not seen in Android or iOS flagships, users of mid-range or low-end phones usually feel it after a while after buying their new device. One of the best ways to avoid such a problem is to use SD cards! But unfortunately, some manufacturers share the space of the second SIM card slot and also the memory card, and in this situation, the user prefers to use the secondary SIM card. However, it can be seen that many people try to delete their files, but this is also possible to some extent, and after that, we need all our files! In this situation, one of the best ways is to compress multimedia files. Compressing this example of files helps you get a lot of storage space.

Image Compressor Puma is the most professional photo compression application
Since images are among the most files in the memory; In case of lack of space, we can compress them. As we mentioned in the above description, Image Compressor Puma is one of the best and best options available in this field. Having several dedicated methods for compressing photos, the above software provides conditions to free up a large part of the information storage memory. After installing and viewing the environment of the program, one of the first things that draws your attention is the simplicity of the environment of this startup. After choosing the photos that you want to compress, it’s time to choose the compression method! In this case, we will have access to three different methods, each of which will solve our needs in some way. In the version published by Farseroid, there are no restrictions on accessing these methods and we have tested them many times.

Maintaining the quality of images while compressing them
One of the most interesting issues that has made users fascinated by Image Compressor Puma is the significant reduction in the size of images after compression and maintaining their quality along with this wonderful compression. The methods that we have mentioned in the above explanations, each of them preserves the quality of the images in a way. In the most difficult compression mode, where the images are compressed to a great extent, the photos retain 70% of their original resolution, which is fantastic compared to similar programs. After selecting the photos and performing the necessary processing, the difference in the size of the photos will be displayed, which will surprise anyone compared to their quality.

Protecting privacy while providing the best performance
Another issue that makes Image Compressor Puma more special than its competitors is the protection of users’ privacy. Unlike other tools available in the Android market, there is no need for internet access to compress photos, and all processes are done completely offline. This issue is one of the reasons that caused millions of users to install and use Puma in just a few months. In addition, to save your time, choose the images you want to compress as a group and be sure that choosing a group will not have any negative effect on the final result.

Some features and capabilities of Image Compressor Puma: Image Resizer Photo Resizer for Android:

Super professional compression of images completely offline
Benefiting from three special and unique methods for compressing photos
Absence of any restrictions in the choice of methods
An option to choose the size of the output file after compression
Providing detailed information from both original and compressed files after processing
Preserving the EXIF information when performing the compression operation
Specify the storage directory of compressed images
Maintaining the quality of images after compression
An option for group compression of images


You have just found the best app for compressing photos in Google Play. The app is result of our several years experience in photo and video compression space. We are professionals who aim to make difficult and complicated things simple and accessible to everyone.

Large photos? No problem! Puma will compress them down to reduce photo file size.

This best photo compression app allows you to:

  • Send a lot photos in one email (even 100),
  • Send photos via text,
  • Share photos to to social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp,​ WeChat, Viber, Line, Telegram, VKontakte, KakaoTalk, etc.),
  • Attach photos to forms with size restrictions,
  • Reclaim the space occupied by photos by using “Replace” feature,
  • Save space on your phone, tablet, in the cloud
  • Free up mailbox, phone, disk, cloud,
  • Compress images from the cloud,
  • Save compressed photos in the cloud,
  • Send photos from places where internet is weak,
  • Deal with large photos,
  • Easily compare a compressed photo with the original,
  • Compress image for visa, online application, job application, passport, etc.

Puma Photo Compressor app, has three modes:

  • Auto – the simplest way to compress photos in the app. Perfect for emailing photos (evan 50 in one email).
  • File Size – you specify the photo file size in KB or MB, and Puma will compress photos. Perfect when you need photos with an exact file size.
  • Resolution & Quality – the most advanced one, you can specify image resolution and compression quality. Perfect for advanced user to find sweet spot between photo file size and quality.

Batch compress and batch resize is available in every mode.

Supported image formats:

jpeg, jpg, png, webp, raw formats(dng, cr2, nef, arw).

This compress photo app has everything you need to change photo size or adjust photo size, because you can define:

  • image compression quality,
  • image resolution in pixels,
  • target image file size

Features of this zip photos app:

  • image compress
  • photo batch resize or photo batch compress
  • compress photo and share without saving
  • easy compare photo before compression and after
  • change output folder to sd card
  • free up phone memory by replacing big photos by compressed
  • change resolution to 1920×1080, 2048×1152 (2048 pixels wide and 1152 pixels tall) or custom
  • change aspect ratio to 2×3, 16×9 or custom

Photo Compress Puma is perfect to compress image size in kb & mb. This photo compress app can also work as photo shrinker or photo resizer or photo compressor in kb.
Your phone takes too large pictures? Downsize them using Compress Photo Puma app!

In other words this photo compress app helps you:

  • adjust photo size
  • downsize photo
  • reduce photo size
  • shrink photo
  • even enlarge photo

This Puma photo compressor and photo resizer app is perfect for every smartphone user who wants to share and upload photos. People, like:

  • traveler
  • blogger
  • online seller
  • craftsman
  • artist
  • real estate broker or agent
  • business owner
    will especially appreciate the simplicity, functionality and usefulness of this application.

Current cameras takes huge photos with file size often close to 10MB.

Big photos are great, but in daily life they cause a lot of troubles like:

  • emailing photos,
  • send picture in email or text,
  • share photos,
  • upload photos to social media,
  • upload photos to forum,
  • upload photos to forms with size restrictions,
  • phone is out of space,
  • expensive/not available mobile data,
  • clogged maibox, disk, cloud

Our business partners, coworkers, family, friends don’t need full quality photos. Significantly smaller but still good quality photo is more than enough for all of us.

Wondering how to compress photo in an easy way? Need a tool for making photo small enough to share, upload or email? Looking for a fast and quick photo compressor and image file size reducer?
Install this photo compress and resize app, you will not regret!

Puma Image Compressor, Resizer
Download Puma Image Compressor, Resizer for android

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