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Cookie Cats MOD APK v1.68.0

Cookie Cats
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Cookie CatsCookie CatsCookie CatsCookie Cats

Cookie Cats MOD APK is a puzzle game from the game studio Tactile Entertainment, which was released on Dlpure for free. Neighbor cats are hungry and want sweets. You have to go on an adventure with Belle, Ricky, Smokey, Rena and Barry and other cats. You have to match at least three or more candies of the same color to be eliminated, thus successfully passing hundreds of challenging levels and earning points and challenging your friends.

What will you experience in the Cookie Cats game?
Cookie Cats will be a new journey for players to find new hobbies and immerse themselves in the charm of evil cats. The attractive thing is that this journey is full of fun and positive things to keep the players entertained or relaxed through many funny and friendly puzzles. In addition, they can face many villains and rescue cats or receive countless generous rewards to continue the cat’s glorious path.

Accompany the cat on an amazing journey
Players’ journey in Cookie Cats is almost endless as they must accompany the cats in search of rewards or tasty treats. For this reason, they gradually travel in different regions and enjoy all the local specialties of each type of cat and even experience their additional contents. This game promises to bring the best discoveries for everyone as you go into the world for cats and see everything from their vivid perspective.

Beautiful and amazing puzzles
The player’s journey will be filled with a variety of match-3 puzzles, and the game currently has over 2000 levels that players can overcome with their cats. The match-3 puzzle mechanism is also friendly and simple for most people today, but many new elements appear to stimulate the players’ abilities. In addition, many additional game modes are also exciting and bring everyone’s match-3 puzzle experience to the next level and have many cute moments with cats.

Different game modes for fun with cats
The various game modes of Cookie Cats are a great advantage in the gameplay to open up new potentials for the players while constantly accompanying the cats. Depending on the individual game modes, the player’s rules or tasks change significantly, such as feeding the cat, defeating the villain, and cooking delicious pancakes. Each option has fun and players can freely switch between each content to get different rewards or generous progress for the cats.

Amazing combinations to use in puzzles
Special candies are the biggest help players can use to speed up the completion of their puzzles. Depending on how the colored blocks are matched, the player will get the corresponding effects, and all of them can break a large area on the playing field in different directions. The important thing is that players can connect the effect blocks to create bigger explosions and complete the level with the best achievement to get many great rewards.

Defeat the villains to continue
In Cookie Cats villain mode, players must use their own creative strategies to deal with creatures other than cats. However, the battle will be fierce and tense as any wrong move by the player can cause a lot of problems and even they have to consume a lot of items to recover. However, the combat mechanism is simple. Players just have to match the corresponding colored blocks to deal damage to the opponent and progress gradually with new levels.

Build a magnificent house for cats
As players continuously progress through all the levels, they sometimes receive generous rewards, including beautiful interiors to decorate their homes. From there, the player must gradually expand or add more things to the house so that all the cats can live peacefully or have a good time together. Depending on people’s preferences, they can freely design or arrange the house in many outstanding styles to make cats happy or create more fun.

Cookie Cats is one of the most relaxing and loving games with unique content to create a prosperous life for cats. Not only that, the accompanying journeys are all unique and impressive to bring everyone the most refreshing moments while creating great achievements.

Key Features
An amazing journey full of feline charm to immerse players in absolute relaxation and stress relief after completing levels.
Different game modes to stimulate players’ creativity while facing more than 2000 levels filled with cat treats and delicious cookies.
A magnificent match 3 gameplay full of endless potential and full of funny concepts and combinations for players to achieve great scores.
Fight and defeat evil villains through exotic game modes to be more beautifully rewarded in building a cat house.
Build a cat house, then gradually expand it with new features, areas, rooms and entertainment to see the most fascinating thing about cats.


Some features of Cookie Cats MOD APK Android game :

  • Simple and addictive puzzle gameplay
  • Includes six different game modes and hundreds of challenging levels
  • Challenge your friends and compete with them to get the most points
  • Has a variety of special items to collect
  • Connect and delete similar and same color sweets
  • Fight against bad characters like dogs, guardian bears, etc
  • Stunning HD graphics and exciting sound
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Cookie Cats
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