CoreIRC MOD APK 22.01wk4 (Paid)

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Basic features
Multiple secure IRC connections
Connect to several Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks over SSL for encryption and added security.

IRCv3 SASL and NickServ authentication
Authenticate to configured servers with SASL PLAIN, SASL EXTERNAL or SASL SCRAM-SHA-256, or just using plain old NickServ.

Receive files (DCC)
Files can be received over the DCC protocol with resume support.

Robust notification system
Configure the notifications you want to receive for each network by channel, sender or message. Create as many notification rule sets as required so you don’t miss anything important.

Fun Extras

  • Inline URL previews
    Preview URLs posted in chat before opening them in your browser. Images can be turned off when displaying previews.
  • Now Playing script
    Post what you’re currently listening to with Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Poweramp and more in joined channels.
  • System Information script
    Display information about your device in a simple easy-to-read format. Supported commands are /sysinfo, /deviceinfo, /osinfo, /cpuinfo, /meminfo, /storage, /gfxinfo and /uptime

Client-to-client protocol
Support for common CTCP messages: ACTION, CLIENTINFO, DCC, FINGER, PING, TIME, and VERSION.

Modern design for Android
Designed following the latest Material design principles for the best user experience possible.

Other features

  • Background connectivity using Android services
  • Command autocomplete
  • Channel list
  • Character sets
  • Chat logging with on-demand log file creation
  • Chat message storage
  • Ignore lists
  • IRC v3 CAP 302, cap-notify, message-tags, setname
  • IRC v3.1 account-notify, away-notify, extended-join, multi-prefix
  • IRC v3.2 account-tag, batch, chghost, echo-message, invite-notify, labeled-response, Monitor, msgid, server-time, userhost-in-names
  • IRC / mIRC colour support
  • Network editor with multiple servers
  • Nick autocomplete
  • Proxy connection
  • Raw commands using /quote
  • Timestamps
  • UI themes
  • and more

Do you have feedback or feature requests that you’d like to share? Chat with us on #coreirc at, or visit in your web browser.

You can also post your issue or bug reports and feature requests to

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