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Crafting Idle Clicker MOD APK v6.3.2

Crafting Idle Clicker
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Crafting Idle Clicker MOD APK is a simulation game from Bling Bling Games GmbH, published on Dlpure. In this Android game you have to extract from mineral resources and harvest its minerals and make different products and goods and finally sell them and earn money and upgrade your production units. Also invest in workshop equipment and upgrade them so you can make newer and better products. Complete various missions to earn rewards and thus become an industrial tycoon. Sell your goods and upgrade your production units. Participate in different workshops with unique events and various rewards and customize your workshop.

About Crafting Idle Clicker Android game:
Welcome to Crafting Idle Clicker – the best idle simulation game you can’t miss no matter how busy you are. There are many ways to get rich fast once you get into this game. Of course, the profits you make will come from the strategies and products you create. Exploiting and collecting many products from handmade materials…

Create a strategy for research and investment at the right time
Without a doubt, Crafting Idle Clicker is always a stop for people who are ambitious and want to get rich quick. When you come to this game, you can become a professional financier. Try to organize many projects and build different urban areas from the products you collect. Players can also upgrade and develop projects with the money they earn in previous levels. On the other hand, if you invest wisely, you can earn more.

Customize the seminars and events you attend
You have the power and the most money in the game, which is why players can hold seminars and events whenever they want. You can attract investment and increase high income through potential projects for the quality products you produce. If you spend your time participating in various events, the number of prizes you win is also significant.

Earn idle profit
Regularly take care of the products you make in Crafting Idle Clicker. If you want it to spawn in a faster time, tap them to run at full capacity. You can also let the factory facilities work automatically by investing more money in advanced technical facilities and equipment. Then, even if the factories are closed, products can still be produced and you just need to determine when they will be completed.

Key Features
I produce rare materials and craft and quality goods, then harvest and sell.
Craft anything from the rare materials you get when you win missions or collect items.
Once you develop and upgrade your commodity units, you can allow shops to sell crafting units with an automated mechanic.
Hundreds of levels are waiting for you to explore and experience, through which players will have the opportunity to get great items and help level up.
Players can collect many maps from the workshops they attend and use them to build newer urban areas.


Some features of Crafting Idle Clicker MOD PK Android game :


  • Sell your goods automatically and upgrade your production units
  • Unlock more than 500 achievements and climb to 100 levels
  • Upgrade and complete plans to increase your income and earn rewards
  • Collect new designs to unlock them in your workshop
  • Customize your workshop
  • Build a giant production line with more than 100 items
Crafting Idle Clicker
Download Crafting Idle Clicker for android

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