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Custom Formulas MOD APK 8.7 (Paid)

Custom Formulas
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Custom FormulasCustom FormulasCustom FormulasCustom FormulasCustom FormulasCustom FormulasCustom FormulasCustom FormulasCustom FormulasCustom Formulas

Each of the mathematical calculators follow a specific formula and to reach some answers, they must proceed by them, but sometimes some calculations are personal and there are no special formulas for them, or they use a personal formula for easy You have written your calculations, in such a case, you have to use one of the programming languages to convert the formula, but in this post, we want to provide you with a simpler solution. Custom Formulas Paid is a wonderful application for creating your custom calculation formulas, developed by BinaryEarth for Android and published in the Google Play Android market. Easily convert Word values into several different formulas as much as possible and receive multiple values as output. One of the best features of this smart app is its support for categorizing all created formulas in such a way that for easier access to them, you only need to refer to the desired category and perform all kinds of calculations. Easily save each of the formulas in the form of a text file so that you can share them with your friends.

Some features of Custom Formulas Android program:

Create completely custom formulas for a variety of values
Display multiple output values
Get the output of formulas with variable names
Access to three preset formulas
Exporting created formulas in the form of text files
Share your favorite formulas
Classification of all formulas in different groups

This powerful app lets you create your own custom formulas and then perform computations using them by prompting you for the input values.

This app is easy to use, but unlike simpler apps, multiple entered values can be fed into multiple formulas and multiple output values can be displayed. The output of one formula in a group can be fed into the next by using the same variable name.

Related formulas can be grouped into categories to make them easy to find. e.g. Maths formulas, Surveying formulas, Loan interest formulas etc.

The order of variables displayed to the user can be changed, as can the number of decimal digits of precision shown in the output fields.

Three example formulas are pre-installed with the app.

In order of increasing complexity they are:

slope percentage, compound interest, and point scale factor.

A formula group can be exported or emailed, allowing you to share your creations with other users of the app.

The results from multiple computations using the same formula can be saved to a CSV file for later viewing in a spreadsheet.

Custom Formulas
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