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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode MOD APK v4.5.01

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode MOD APK is a strategy game from PerBlue Entertainment game studio, published on Dlpure. In this Android game, you have to join Disney and Pixar heroes and fight. Welcome to the digital city. An evil virus destroys every pixel. It pits the heroes’ friends and families against each other. Form the best team and equip yourself with powerful tools and fight against enemies and save your hero colleagues.

What will you experience in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode?

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is an RPG game in which you will enter a completely unfamiliar world and meet characters from Disney and Pixar movies. You will recruit them to form a powerful team to defeat the enemy. At the same time, their skills are quite unique and the power system improves over time.

Disney Heroes Battle Mode Android game

Explore the strange world of Ralph, Wanlop
In Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, the story begins with Ralph and Wanlop. They enter a car that reaches a strange dimension. After the girl gave the key to Ralph, the two were transported there shortly after, and the two characters also underwent certain changes in appearance. Ralph became more muscular and Wanlop got himself a gun, but bad luck struck when enemies appeared in front of them.

Elastic Girl appears and tells him that she is looking for her missing family, and in front of them is Mr. Incredible. After defeating the immediate opponents, the area suddenly went dark and Wanlop was controlled like Mr. Incredulous. The remaining two members of the team also did not fight back due to the strong fire of the opponent, so they retreated. They unite and set out to save their comrades and recruit more heroes that appear in this world.

Overcome many enemies with the power of Disney characters
The world players in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode are a collection of popular Disney and Pixar movies, so you can go back to your childhood when you meet your favorite characters. At the same time, they will unite to defeat the enemy in a battle that requires strength. Characters are placed in different positions on the field and automatically attack the opponent. At the same time, it is your duty to make proper use of the powers they possess.

Each character’s basic attack increases mana below their health bar. So you will understand the skills of the team characters and use them at the right time. Some skills allow you to deal massive damage to enemies, while others disable them for a while. At the same time, this passive mode means that you cannot move or attack your team members.

Recruit powerful characters
You can find quite a variety of characters in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode and it takes a lot of time to attract them. A common way to do this is that you can simply open crates and inside those crates will be heroes or badges that you can equip characters with. In addition, there will be many things that you can care about and help increase the power of each character.

The power-up system comes from character level which helps them increase their base stats. At the same time, if you have a certain condition, the skill system will gradually open. Additionally, you can also equip badges that give the character impressive stats.

Players will love the world this game brings because:

A world that gathers many famous Disney and Pixar characters that you can fight with.
You will overcome many different challenges to rescue your teammates who have been kidnapped while going to an unfamiliar location.
Each character has basic stats and skills with unique effects to help you overcome challenges.
You can fully unlock your favorite characters through boxes that offer random rewards.
The character power system is varied, and some must be unlocked when conditions are met.

Some features of the game Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Android:

  • Collect and fight with 15 Disney and Pixar heroes like the Incredibles, Frozone, Judy Hopps and more
  • Forming a team to carry out special missions and campaigns
  • Upgrade your characters with different abilities and equipment
  • Discover a new digital world and save your heroic colleagues
Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
Download Disney Heroes: Battle Mode for android

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