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Do It Now MOD APK 22.1.0 (Premium)

Do It Now is a fantastical to do list which helps you to add game elements into your everyday tasks, make schedule, add daily reminders and organize your life with built-in skills, characteristics and level ups.

Gamify your things to do (gtd)

With our reminders app you will get virtual copy of yourself with ability to track your skills, characteristics and statistics. Every created task can be bound to skills and characteristics. And when this task is performed in real life – your virtual hero will get skills and characteristics increased, gain additional experience (XP) and could level up.

Self improvement

Track your personal growth in different areas with customizable characteristics. Increase your everyday productivity by creating flexible system with skills. Basic sets already added to organizer.
Gamify your routine to do list and improve yourself, your life and virtual RPG character with goal tracker. His skills and abilities will grow with yours. Make him more powerful and become more productive.

Handy calendar

Get overview on your plans for months, weeks or use a day planner, agenda, schedule planner. Find most suitable time to schedule your tasks with calendar planner. Stay as productive as you can with this reminder app and to do wunderlist! View the business calendar in grid format or use daily planner, weekly planner, time tracker. Enhance your time management.

Sleek reminders

Our calendar app can remind you about critical tasks with notifications. Add up to 5 notifications to each task.

Productivity organization

Organize your tasks in groups (folders) like in trello, task rabbit, habitica, ticktick, habit bull, fabulous, any do to separate different types. Keep it all organized and know what to do in daily to do list app free.
Use groups as to-do list, check list, reading list, bucket list, wishlist, all the lists! Add notes to any goals.

Sync across your devices

Your tasks will sync within cloud or Dropbox so that you can view and manage them wherever you are for better goal achieving with task manager.
Or just save your entire progress to file on your device.

Flexible tasks setup

Habit tracker allows to add really flexible tasks. Setup custom repetitions (daily, weekly, weekdays, or monthly todoist), infinite repeats, finish date\time, difficulty\importance\fear, auto-fail or auto-skip on overdue, bind negative and positive skills, combine tasks in groups, add subtasks and much-much more. Prioritize goals and focus on the what really matters to do it tomorrow. Also lots of icons included to customize your tasks. Make goal setting easy.


Overview your progress with fancy charts. Use characteristics and skills charts to reveal your strong and weak sides. Customize your dashboard to show daily success charts with tasks, gold and experience.


Generate useful habits. You can habitify any task, just enable habit generation for it. Use Do It Now as productivity app to generate any habit as in RPG game!

Rewards system

Get gold from performed tasks and buy self-assigned rewards. E.g. you can add reward “Watch a movie” with 100 gold, buy it and indeed watch a movie in real life as a reward for hard work!


Increase you motivation with achievements. Besides system you can create your own achievement and bound them to tasks, skills or characteristics.


Change app appearance with custom themes. Our tasks tracker app has a lot of them!

Great widgets

Get easy access to your tasks and statistics by adding a checklist widget to your home screen. There are various sizes and types. Choose one that you like the most.

Maintain your daily motivation and develop your virtual self to make promotion and improvement in real life.

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Category: Productivity
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google play
Developer: Taras Lozovyi
October 2, 2022
Varies with device
Latest Version: Varies with device
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4.3 9735 total


🌟 Automatic data backup to local file system
🌟 Skills and characteristics charts: possibility to view data on specified date
🌟 Possibility to set fractions of XP for skill decay
🌟 Improved skill XP calculation for manual and automatic task executions
🌟 Improvements in calendar section
🌟 Other fixes and improvements


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