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EasyJoin MOD APK 3.8 (Patched)

EasyJoin - A decentralized communication system
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EasyJoin - A decentralized communication systemEasyJoin - A decentralized communication systemEasyJoin - A decentralized communication systemEasyJoin - A decentralized communication systemEasyJoin - A decentralized communication system


easily connect your devices using only your local network and only when you need it over the Internet. Without the mandatory use of external servers. Without ads and tracking. Your data stays in your devices.

Phone calls & SMS:

read and send SMS / MMS messages from your PC or tablet.

It’s so much easier texting from your computer whether it’s a PC or Mac:

there are free applications for all major operating systems. Send to PC a notification regarding a phone call and initiate phone calls from your computer.

Files & folders:

send to PC and mobile devices files and folders fast, accurate and without limitations. Take advantage of all the bandwidth of your network and safeguard your data plan and internet bandwidth.

Voice calls:

make unlimited, end-to-end encrypted, voice calls for free.


send to PC the notifications of your phone. Reply to any text message from your PC. Trigger an action and dismiss a remote notification.


send the clipboard text from one device to another. Auto-sync the clipboards between your devices. Auto-sync works on the Q version of Android using a private clipboard.

Messages & Links:

send P2P messages and links to one or more devices even when they are offline.

Remote control:

use your phone as a mouse to control your PC. Easily control your PC’s media player when you watch a movie or listen to music.Type on the phone’s keyboard and send the text to your computer. Control the volume of any device and turn it off remotely.


end-to-end encryption when you transfer files, send messages and share notifications and clipboard.

Privacy policy:

we don’t collect any data from you when you use this application.

“Family library” support:

buy the app once and share it with all your family’s devices – that’s right, you pay for the app once for all your family members. This is not what happens with the cheapest IAPs that other similar applications are using. Buy the app right now and try it. You have 5 days to ask me for a refund if you don’t like it.

Free PC apps:

there are free desktop apps for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Free browser plugins:

there are free extensions for Firefox, Chrome and all Chromium based browsers.

Learn more at EasyJoin.net.

EasyJoin does a lot … but it does them in a way that offers something new to the end user. EasyJoin also does a lot that its main two competitors are unable to do.” – xda-developers

About SMS & MMS forwarding and management

SMS & Text Messaging from PC & Mac

Easy text:

you can use this app as a messaging software for PC. You can send from PC SMS & MMS and transfer text from PC to mobile easily.

Text message from PC to mobile:

that’s it, you can use your PC to write a text and send it from you mobile device.

SMS sync:

synchronize texts (SMS and MMS) between your PC and you mobile. Read your SMS from a remote device, like your PC and your tablet.

Group texting:

send group SMS and MMS from PC. Easily send texts to customers. You can send group SMS and individual texts. This app will become your prefered group texting app.

“This app uses Accessibility services.”
Used to share notifications. Not required for Android 4.3 or later.

Windows® is either registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
macOS™ is trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries
Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.
Firefox is a trademark of the Mozilla Foundation in the U.S. and other countries.
Chrome™ is a trademark of Google LLC.

EasyJoin - A decentralized communication system
Download EasyJoin - A decentralized communication system for android

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