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Fuel Manager Pro (Consumption) 30.86 (Paid)

Fuel Manager Pro (Consumption)
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Fuel Manager Pro (Consumption)Fuel Manager Pro (Consumption)Fuel Manager Pro (Consumption)Fuel Manager Pro (Consumption)Fuel Manager Pro (Consumption)

Fuel Manager Pro (Consumption) is a program for managing fuel consumption and expenses professionally for Android devices, which was published by KB2 SOFT at a price of $1.99 on the Google Play Store. This application software monitors fuel consumption in a special way and provides you with wonderful features in addition to calculating costs. One of the best features of this application, which has not been seen in similar programs so far, is its support for dual-fuel cars, so that you can simultaneously save information on gasoline and gas consumption for a car and the amount of the budget. See for them. The intelligent system of this software displays statistics in a special and professional way in the form of graphic charts so that users have a correct and deep understanding of them. If you are moving on the road and you don’t know whether the amount of fuel you have will get you to your destination or not, just use the remaining fuel amount prediction system to make sure you reach your destination.

Some features of the Fuel Manager Pro (Consumption) program for Android:

Accurate calculation of fuel consumption
Support for all types of dual fuel cars
Display detailed statistics and graphs of fuel consumption on different days
Save and keep information completely and without changes
Intelligent system for calculating the amount of fuel for different routes
Support for 16 different themes and graphics
Ability to backup all application information
Access to various widgets to quickly add information to the program
Synchronize information with cloud servers as well as between different devices
Ability to create profiles for different vehicles

Fuel Manager Pro will help control the cost of fuel and know when they have exceeded the budget.


Fuel Manager Pro Features

  • Calculation of of fuel consumption – for one or two tanks (combined and separate statistics)
  • Detailed statistics and comparative graphs
  • Forecast of remaining fuel
  • Road Calculator rundown, path cost, and the necessary fuel
  • Export and import data (TSV)
  • 16 themes
  • Flexible settings (unit and interface)
  • Widgets for quick addition of records
  • Sync with the cloud, and between devices (using Dropbox API – Pro)
  • Several vehicles (Pro)
  • No ads. Absolutely.

What better than other

  • calculation consumption of bi-fuel systems
  • Universal calculation of fuel consumption (full tank, milestones, calculation ща residues)
  • Prediction of remaining fuel

Answers to your questions, and detailed help can be found on the project website – http://kb2soft.ru/en


  • To calculate the statistics needed at least two “final” record. These entries are – filling to complete, checkpoint, tank rest. The more entries, the more periods of calculation and the statistics more accurate.
  • The most accurate results you get with regular refuels to complete. Use the “checkpoint” when you understand what it is and why.
  • The program is continually evolving. If you have doubts about the loyalty of calculation or other questions – write to kb2.soft@gmail.com – I will try to answer as quickly as possible.
Fuel Manager Pro (Consumption)
Download Fuel Manager Pro (Consumption) for android

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