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Glitch! (glitch4ndroid) 4.1.13 (Premium)

Glitch! (glitch4ndroid)
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Glitch! (glitch4ndroid)Glitch! (glitch4ndroid)Glitch! (glitch4ndroid)Glitch! (glitch4ndroid)Glitch! (glitch4ndroid)

Dlpure site has been proud to provide all kinds of image editing applications to you, dear users. As you know, more than ninety percent of image editing software are similar and their abilities follow a specific goal. In the meantime, sometimes we come across surprising software that Glitch Pro is one of these programs! Glitch Pro is a special application for tablets and phones with the Android operating system, with the help of which you will be able to edit your images in an incomplete and ambiguous way! You may be confused when reading the description of the program, but it is better to know that this editing style is one of the most popular styles in social networks! You have to admit that you have come across blurry pictures of your friends many times on popular social networks like Instagram, that this type of image editing requires special knowledge in the field of graphics; But Gulch has made these types of edits easy and put them at your fingertips. Several different effects are included in this program, you can easily select any of them and edit and blur only that area by touching any part of the image. One of the best features of this software is that it supports the use of multiple effects at the same time, so that after using one effect and filter, you only need to edit the other part of the image with another effect and filter. All edits are incomplete and random and show your images in a special way.

Some features of Glitch! Android :

A collection of obscure and unique filters
Ability to use multiple filters simultaneously in one edit
Very high quality edited output files
Ability to share images on social networks
Create artistic gif images
No need for any knowledge when using the program
Simple and easy user interface

Quickly create your digital artwork with the best glitch photo editing app

Become a digital artist, create real and completely random glitch, to add that “nerd” touch to your pictures!

  • Upload your photos, and edit with 26 unique effects including Pixelsort, Datamosh, JPEG|PNG|WEBP glitch.
  • Export your artwork in Jpg, or record Mp4 or GIFanimations

Imperfection creates uniqueness out of diversity.

By changing the paradigm, that which standardisation views as an error, to the free thinker becomes the unexpected source of a new beauty.

Gaetano Pesce, Italian sculptor, designer and architect


☆Just use the hashtag #Glitch4ndroid to be featured in the glitch website


You can simply swipe your screen several times
to generate errors in your picture.


In several usages in information technology, the therm “glitch” is a systematic error, typically found in an electronic or computing device.
This bugs, usually keep devices from completing their main function properly


Just like doors of perception, glitches are everywhere and all around us, even if you can’t perceive them:

lagged digital decoder signal, TV screens in metro, broken DVD players, bad mp3s or old and damaged SD cards.
Thanks to cyberpunk and sci-fi movies, this concept created and evolved in subcultures and music influences.

Glitch! (glitch4ndroid)
Download Glitch! (glitch4ndroid) for android

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