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Heroes Charge MOD APK v2.1.379

Heroes Charge
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Heroes Charge MOD APK is a role-playing game from uCool game studio, which has been released on Dlpure for free. In this Android game you have to collect and train your hero and fight with your friends in online multiplayer battles. Collect your teammates and strengthen your hero and destroy enemies in exciting and addictive battles. There are over a hundred missions for you and your team to complete. Which hero will you choose? Choose from more than 50 unique and diverse heroes, such as agile shooters and powerful spells, and fight and explore in a magical world. Find rare heroes and try your best to get them to join you and develop their skills. Develop and upgrade your skills as you collect a collection of equipment for your heroes. You can also fight with your friends or alone in multiple battles. Combine your cooperation with your friends to defeat powerful rivals as you battle rival alliances and earn coveted rewards. Develop team games and choose strategies to rule this world. Create an alliance with your friends or join an alliance. Take part in PVP battles and fight hordes of enemies and challenge them in special events and grow your castle.

It would be a waste for those who love and care about action games to ignore Heroes Charge as this game promises to give you maximum enjoyment. In addition, players fight in different styles to create explosive battles. Not only that, but you also enjoy a beautiful and very eye-catching user interface. With the fast battles that the game brings, you can feel the most real battles and also experience more fun.

Choose the right fighting heroes for you
This game provides you with a very rich and diverse collection of heroes. Each hero has a strong point, a unique characteristic. More than 50 different heroes are waiting for you to choose and use. The game brings powerful heroes from talented wizards to agile archers, superior marksmen and melee fighters. Based on your needs and desires, you can choose a suitable hero to accompany you in the long battle. In addition, the game is also regularly updated with many new hero images to give you more choices.

Explore the world of superheroes
By coming to Heroes Charge, players can visit and discover a very interesting and rich fighting world. Players also learn and decipher the secrets of this city. This way, you’ll collect more rare heroes with premium moves to help you get stronger. The special thing here is that once you find the evidence, you have to convince them about your team based on your ability. In addition, you can also admire many beautiful and eye-catching landscapes. The game knows how to match the dreamlike scenes with the dramatic and bloody battlefields.

Collect many rare items
After playing as your favorite hero, you need to equip them with more powerful combat skills to defeat your opponents faster. In addition, you must take appropriate actions to develop and improve the fighting skills of the heroes. Thanks to it, the hero becomes stronger and more skilled in skills, and also has more and stronger fighting power. Thanks to the transfer of power, your hero has become stronger and stronger so that you can destroy your opponents quickly and easily.

Cooperate with friends to fight
You are allowed to fight in different game modes in this game. You can participate in single combat or fight with your friends. In friend mode, you will have more experience in activities as well as cooperation with many new friends and expand your relationships. Players unite with their friends to form a powerful team of heroes and fight together and fiercely compete with enemies. Together you create more strategies to fight and defeat enemies. Players fight each other to complete missions and dominate the world of Cron.

Fight hard in vast fields
Players participate in many different bloody and exciting battles, but they are equally interesting and fascinating. You can fight in beautiful arenas thanks to which you have a better fighting feeling. In addition, you join together to win exciting prizes from Heroes Charge. Not only that, but you have to collect more rare heroes and try to develop and upgrade them to higher levels. In addition, you can also participate in many special events that the game creates to get lots of attractive and exciting prizes as well as a shower of bonus points.

Key Features
Play as your favorite heroes based on the hero collection that the game offers and you can also unlock new and more powerful heroes.
Equip heroes with a full range of weapons and awesome combat skills to boost their heroes and help them defeat opponents and enemies faster.
Visit and explore many new battlefields, decipher what is hidden here and try to dominate the world of Cron.
Overcome the challenges and tasks set by the game to get attractive gifts, collect points and many rewards.
Play in different styles, and you are free to choose the game mode that suits your experience. You can fight alone or fight with your friends.
Experience a lot of fun through the battles and from there, draw more combat experience for yourself.
Collect a variety of rare items and also improve the fighting skills of the heroes to both strengthen themselves and defeat their opponents faster.

Some features of Heroes Charge MOD APK Android game :

  • Addictive gameplay
  • More than 50 unique and diverse heroes
  • War and exploration in the Kron world
  • More than 200 legendary heroes
  • Developing and improving your skills
  • Collect sets of equipment for your heroes
  • Ability to fight with your friends or alone
  • Winning selected awards
  • Developing team play and choosing strategies to rule the world of Cron
  • Create or join an alliance
  • Gain fame by fighting in PVP battles
  • Collect and develop rare heroes
  • Fight hordes of enemies in special events
Heroes Charge
Download Heroes Charge for android

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