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SpeedTest Master Pro MOD APK 1.39.0 (Premium)

SpeedTest Master Pro MOD APK is an app that helps users check the speed and stability of the internet connection they have installed, with accurate real-time data and stability statistics. Almost everyone can afford a personal connection nowadays, but many people are still not satisfied with their status. So users will look for testing applications with absolute accuracy and reliable records. SpeedTest Master Pro MOD APK can confidently be an example for users, and it comes with an upgraded version with plenty of premium features for a better user experience.

What does This App do?

SpeedTest Master Pro MOD APK offers users its free Internet speed meter with all the necessary functions and features to easily measure your 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, DSL, and ADSL networks. With useful analysis to help you test your connections, you can have access to their exact status whenever you want. And most importantly, the stable service will always be available for you to make uses of.

Unlock the download and upload speed of your selected networks, along with the current ping latency. Perform advanced ping tests to guarantee your network stability, which is absolutely crucial when it comes to online games. Test your Wi-Fi signal strength to easily find the strongest connection points. And always keep track of your connection speed with the live status bar.

Discover whoever is using your Wi-Fi connections, with or without your permissions. Make uses of the data management to keep track of your daily Internet usages. Unlock detailed network information with real-time graphs. Save and keep track of your past results whenever you want. And have the app running useful diagnoses whenever your connections turn bad.

Main features of SpeedTest Master Pro:

  • Test your download, upload speed and ping latency
  • Check Wi-Fi signal strength and find the strongest signal spot
  • Check who is using your Wi-Fi
  • Real-time speedtest: check your internet speed in the status bar
  • Detailed result information and Real-time graphs show connection consistency

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