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Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting MOD APK v0.0.1480

Jackal Squad - Arcade Shooting
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Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting MOD APK is a memorable arcade game from OneSoft Global PTE LTD. Jackal Squad takes you back to your childhood and is derived from an old and nostalgic game called Jackal 1988 and is a shooting video game in the style of guns and is the oldest arcade game that by installing your Jackal Squad game to the old days of games The arcade is back and everything in the game, such as jeeps, guns, explosions, military bases, etc., will bring you back to your childhood and your childhood memories will come alive. World War II has started and the fascists attacked the Allies. Your troops are being held hostage behind enemy lines. The Jackal team has been given the mission to drive an armed jeep into the enemy’s territory and rescue the prisoners of war and return them to their region. As an elite group soldier, you have to undergo a training regiment in order to be able to survive in any environment and any condition. Complete the missions and end the war. To play the game you have to touch on the screen and drag in the direction you want to move your jeep so that the jeep moves in the same direction. Attack enemy territory within the same range as your jeep weapon. If you have a large number of targets, you must shoot in order of priority so that you can complete all the missions. At each stage, after rescuing the hostage, who is your soldier friend, you must take him to the plane to return to the safe zone. You can also maximize the power of your jeeps and weapons. This shooting game with automatic aiming mechanism helps you to continuously shoot the enemy. All you have to do here is to avoid enemy attacks and rescue your friends who have been captured. Collect different items and destroy enemy bases. Each war that starts has multiple battles that you can play with your friends and family. The game has many different stages, you can only go to the next stage if you destroy all the enemies and their buildings in each stage and thus you go to the next stage.

What will you experience in Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting?
Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting takes you back to a time when the world was very dangerous during World War II in 1945. Here you will become a soldier who represents peace and start your journey with your teammates in specialized combat vehicles to defeat the war. Enemy A difficult and challenging journey awaits you, but all enemies will die in your hands with a strong will.

To add more fun and excitement to the player, the developer has brought Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting in historical direction instead of modern fighting style. With an atmosphere steeped in World War II, it helps you better understand things you don’t know. At this time, the fascist forces have attacked the allies and your task is to destroy them. Hence, the Allies have formed a powerful combat team called Jackal, which includes team members who are highly trained soldiers, including you.

I choose to travel by car because it will simply be easier to attack and defend. A powerful army with intense fighting spirit will be tasked with driving a jeep to attack the enemy base. Not only this, but this jeep is also equipped with all kinds of weapons and armor systems to withstand all bombs and bullets when hit. In addition to destroying all enemy forces, your task is to rescue hostages and people trapped inside.

Failure in learning skills
Attacking while sitting on a moving vehicle is also very difficult and damaging, but nothing is impossible if you are really skilled. Although the fact that your jeep has an automatic attack weapon system helps you somewhat, you also need to be good at handling it. Since this is an attack-and-move game, the car will always be in constant motion and non-stop combat.

Are you sure you can take on such an incredibly noble but dangerous responsibility? The answer is undoubtedly yours and it is certainly not possible for a warrior to give up on all challenges. So instead of being afraid, you should practice fighting skills as well as ingenuity to avoid all possible bad situations.

Becoming a mighty warrior and fighting hard with your teammates to bring peace to the world will be a wonderful feeling that you won’t find in any other game except Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting. Not only for fun in times of stress, but also as a place to prove your fighting skills by not giving up to the enemy.

What makes an ARCADE game unique?
Jackal Squad takes you to the era of arcade games with its classic concept and amazing pixel art. All jeeps, guns, explosions, handguns, military bases… give your phone a nostalgic feel.

Have you ever experienced flashbacks?
Everyone can play this game because it is modern and simple. This is a run’n gun style jeep shooting game with an automatic aiming system that helps you shoot enemies repeatedly. You just have to avoid the attack, rescue the imprisoned colleagues, get the goods and destroy the enemy bases. Top gunner, shoot them!
There are almost 100 stages to complete: the game, like a war, has several fights. Have as much fun with your friends and family as you can.

Some features of Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting MOD APK Android game :


  • Classic theme with pixel graphics
  • Modern gameplay
  • Easy control for everyone
  • Automatic targeting
  • Collect various items
  • More than 100 challenging levels
  • With online and offline mode
Jackal Squad - Arcade Shooting
Download Jackal Squad - Arcade Shooting for android

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