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Kegel exercise-Pelvic floor 1.1.5 (Unlocked)

Kegel exercise-Pelvic floor
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Kegel exercise-Pelvic floorKegel exercise-Pelvic floorKegel exercise-Pelvic floorKegel exercise-Pelvic floor

Daily Kegel exercises for men and for women are a special type of training to strengthen and maintain your’s inner body health. A pelvic floor fitness app will help you develop and strengthen these muscles simply and effectively. The virtual instructor will assist you and help you all over 8 weeks schedule.

Benefits of Kegel exercises apps for women

  • Strengthening and maintaining the pregnancy pelvic floor plan;
  • Reduction of pain syndromes during contractions;
  • Accelerating recovery after childbirth;
  • Prevention of prolapse of inner organs;
  • Pelvic exercises for women trainer is very beneficial for the general strengthening of health.

And for men, what are the benefits?

  • Improve bladder control;
  • Exercise Kegel reminder and trainer increase the overall inner physical strength;
  • Reduction of prostatitis syndromes;
  • Prophylaxis of general male health and pelvic floor first.

Even if you have done easy Kegel exercises apps for women pregnancy, agree to a systematic approach and regular schedule will give much better results. Moreover, pelvic floor exercises for women use a system of increasing the load, and with each lesson, the complexity increases, as do the results!

Application functionality

  • Kegel exercise apps for men, for pregnant women, contain 10 different types of them 🧘: short and long tension, pressure, etc. will allow you not only to train muscles but also to relieve excess tension.
  • Sophisticated breathing system that makes training much more effective.
  • Detailed workout statistics. Watch your progress on the pelvic floor fitness app and see how your results improve!
  • You can track changes in your weight, as well as to measure pain syndromes. In this way, you can easily track the measurement of pain and how it is affected by the performance of an easy Kegel home workout trainer.
  • Daily schedule: it is recommended to practice 1 to 3 times a day. You can customize the plan for yourself.
  • System of the reminders. The peculiarity of performing pelvic floor exercises for men training is that they need to be done regularly. And we take care of that – just set Kegel workout trainer reminder to start!

If you have a lack of time
Each session lasts from 2 to 7 minutes, and at higher difficulty levels, the sessions will take a little longer. As practice shows, this duration will be ideal for busy users and you can always find 5 minutes to support your health. But each daily Kegel men session requires a little bit of concentration, so find a quiet place camp where you can fully relax.

How to do?
Each exercise has a detailed description, as well as a virtual instructor during training will guide and suggest what and how to perform it. Whenever you need to Kegels squeeze, relax, or tighten your pelvic floor muscles – just follow the plan and follow the instructions! The principle of training is the same for men with prostatitis syndromes, and for women.

Disclaimer: This application is a source of the information and provides no medical advice, should not be used by individuals under age 18. It’s recommended to consult a doctor and get professional advice to make sure that you can perform this activity.

After a week of classes, you can see the first results.
Just start your first daily Kegel workout exerciser for free and see how it works!

Kegel exercise-Pelvic floor
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