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Kingdom Wars MOD APK v3.0.1

Kingdom Wars - Tower Defense
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Kingdom Wars MOD APK is a strategy game from the game studio Springcomes, which has been released on Dlpure for free. In this Android game you have to find the best strategy to attack the orc tower and thus either defeat them or fail. Use your strategic skills and decision-making skills and defeat the enemies. Upgrade your army and weapons and defend your castle and don’t let orcs and giants get close to your castle. Command your allies to fight for you. The commander can choose to produce a unit and upgrade the units or increase the food supply. There are 6 boosters for you to choose from, so make decisions quickly and in real time. Complete 400 levels and train new characters. Meet 100 unique allies and defeat 100 unique enemy units. Use heroes and epic characters to destroy enemy castles. Earn your diamonds and treasure in each stage to level up the units. A brave army awaits you, so become their commander and save the kingdom.

What will you experience in the game Kingdom Wars?

Become a smart commander
While participating in Kingdom Wars, you will have the opportunity to control and lead an army with the noble task of defending your castle and defeating the enemy. It will help if you command them according to correct and wise strategies. You have to know when is the right time to attack and learn how to block and always defend. Thanks to your wisdom, you have developed several strategies and plans to destroy the enemy tower quickly and easily. Let’s be positive together and try our best to do our duties well.

Upgrade your tower soldiers and weapons
Kingdom Wars brings you a lot of fun in battles. You have to upgrade and upgrade the army and weapon system that you have to serve in the war. In addition, you can recruit other powerful heroes and increase their food supply. A strong army is one that has both strength, harmony and endurance, so you should create a great unit with outstanding hero figures. Your team will surely win and defeat all enemies with such a strong spirit.

Discover and learn each hero character
Hundreds of engagements give you the opportunity to meet many unique characters. All of them are brave fighters with patriotic hearts. The character portraits created by the producer are wonderful and attractive. Each face has its own shape and personality. You may become their friends and share all their stories. As a result, the commander’s connection with the soldiers becomes stronger and closer. In addition, you may learn more about each other and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Face hundreds of wild and dangerous enemy units
In Kingdom Wars, there are always a lot of insiders around you who are watching the combat activities of your troops and attack when you get scared. That’s why you have to be careful and face hundreds of dangerous and cruel enemies. They are strong opponents who can defeat us in the easiest possible way. However, we should also always try not to be afraid and not falter in the face of the enemy. On the contrary, it also encourages the forces to fight the most resistant.

Collect treasures and exciting rewards after each level
By coming to Kingdom Wars, you will be allowed to get all the exciting rewards that the game has to offer and collect unique treasures. What you get is very meaningful and very useful for you in the process of fighting. In addition, you will receive valuable lessons from many other opponents and collect some more fighting experience for yourself. Only you can save your kingdom and if you don’t try, everything seems to fall into the hands of the enemy.

Some features of Kingdom Wars MOD APK Android game :

  • More than 400 different stages
  • More than 200 unique allies and enemy units
  • More than 100 units of allies with their own unique appearance
  • Collect treasures in each stage and create various skillful effects
  • Strategic game with 6 types of booster items
  • Excellent voice acting
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Kingdom Wars - Tower Defense
Download Kingdom Wars - Tower Defense for android

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