LCD Burn-in Wiper v7.0 (Premium)

LCD Burn-in Wiper v7.0 (Premium)

This is the tool to clear the LCD screen burn-in of your smart phone.
The following functions included.

The burn-resolution method

Color rotation mode: white, blue, red, yellow, green and black of the continues to rotation display color, we will work to the seizure resolved.
White mode: we will work to eliminate the seizure by continuing to display a white screen.
You can also terminate the application by setting the timer.
In the “burn-check” screen, to display the screen of various colors and saturation, you can check whether the seizure has occurred.

sticking check

You can check the sticking condition of the screen.
When you swipe the screen, color circle appears, the entire screen can be any color.
Tap to return to the initial screen.


5 minutes to unlimited 8 stage of the timer I can be specified.

Auto shutdown setting
After the elapse of the timer setting time, app you can be specified to end automatically.

Support Device
LCD device
AMOLED and OLED devices are not supported.

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