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Malloc VPN MOD APK 2023.11.04 (Premium)

Malloc Privacy & Security VPN
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Malloc Privacy & Security VPNMalloc Privacy & Security VPNMalloc Privacy & Security VPNMalloc Privacy & Security VPN

Download Malloc VPN:

Privacy & Security to enjoy private and secure online activity. Protect yourself from spyware!

This is an updated version of Antistalker Mobile Security!

Surf the web privately and freely
Connect to global & private VPN servers to hide your online activity such as the websites you visit or the files you download from spyware. Unblock geo-restircted apps, content and websites.

Scan your device for spyware and vulnerabilities
Detect in real time suspicious domains, spyware, data trackers or if your phone is rooted. Don’t let anyone invade your privacy.

Secure your data with VPN Data Shield
Protect from spyware with Malloc’s secure VPN. Block data sent to spyware, advertisers, data trackers, crypto miners and adult sites.

Protect your on-device privacy
Monitor when and which apps are using the camera and microphone of your phone. Mute your microphone for extra security!

No-logs policy
We don’t log your traffic or content of any communications. Your VPN connection reports only save on your phone.

Free Features of Malloc VPN:

  • Find out when and how long the camera or microphone are used in the Monitoring Console
  • Report or add apps to the whitelist by swiping left.
  • Check which applications have access to your microphone and camera using the Permissions Manager.

Premium Features for Advanced Protection:

  • VPN Data Shield
    Powerful encryption for top-grade data security and privacy. Protect from spyware and block advertisers, data trackers, crypto miners and adult sites that attempt to collect your data.
  • Connection Reports
    Get history reports to monitor where your phone sends data and which domains are blocked. Connection Reports are only available on your device.
  • Security Scan
    Detect spyware, apps with critical privacy permissions, and apps that communicate with data trackers or suspicious domains. Check if your phone is rooted!
  • Mute Microphone
    Don’t let any app or spyware record your conversations without your knowledge. Make your phone’s security a priority!
  • Anti theft AlarmProtect your phone’s security with charger removal detection.

Make sure to update your Malloc VPN: Privacy & Security app frequently to benefit from improvements and new features.

Developed by Malloc – Regain your privacy – Detect Spyware and Protect your Online privacy

Please send us feedback about any bugs or feature requests at info@mallocprivacy.com

Malloc Privacy & Security VPN
Download Malloc Privacy & Security VPN for android

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