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Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta MOD APK (Pro)

Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta
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Mantis Gamepad Pro BetaMantis Gamepad Pro BetaMantis Gamepad Pro BetaMantis Gamepad Pro BetaMantis Gamepad Pro Beta

Mantis Gamepad Pro is the most Modern & Safe Gamepad Keymapper App for Android. With Universal Touch Mapping you can use Mantis to play any Game on Android with a Game Controller. Mantis is Secure, Powerful & Intuitive. Mantis is also completely FREE

Mantis has been specifically tested with Major Android Games like Apex Legends, Genshin Impact, PUBG, CODM, World War Heroes, Pokemon Unite, Wild Rift, etc to give you the Pro Console Level Gaming Experience on Android.

Mantis does NOT require Root for any functionality. Root is optional.

No Cloning – Ban-Safe Gaming :

Mantis doesn’t require cloning of Apps and instead uses an Universal Touch Mapping mechanism to function.

Great Gamepad Compatibility :

Mantis supports almost all Gamepads supported by Android. Xbox, PS4, Razer, iPega, GameSir, Logitech, etc.

Phases  :

With Phases you can create separate Touch Mappings for different segments in the game. Eg. Driving, Movement, Parachute, etc

MOBA Smart Cast Support :

With MOBA Smart Cast Feature, you can now map Smart Cast Buttons with a Combination of a Gamepad Button and a ThumbStick.

Incredible DPAD Support:

Mantis allows you use your DPAD like ThumbStick. Great for Gamepads without Physical ThumbSticks. 8-Way DPAD as buttons is also supported.

Smart Resume :

Mantis lets you Multi-Task between Gaming Sessions and will be ready with the Overlay once you return.

Dark Theme :

The Modern Interface & Incredible Dark Theme radiates the perfect gaming vibes while being intuitive at the same time.


Mantis requires a PC or a 2nd Android Device to function without Root.

Please use the In-App Feedback API to contact us or via our Social Media :

Email : contact@mantispro.app

Join Facebook Group : Link : www.facebook.com/groups/mantisgamepadpro/

Follow us on Twitter : Link : https://twitter.com/MantisGPro

OEMs/Gaming Peripheral Manufacturers can contact us at business@mantispro.app for customised software.

Get over creepy & data stealing KeyMapper Apps. Play Android Games with Integrity & Safety with Mantis Gamepad Pro.

Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta
Download Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta for android

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