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NIOTA : Virtual Option Trading
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Virtual NSE indices options virtual trading app (NIOTA) is a android app for paper trade in NSE indices option contracts free of costs.


This project aims to use Data structure, Database, Android Development and Algorithmic knowledge for developing convenient platform(like real trading environment) which will leads to improvement in option trading strategies (Positional) without fear of loosing money.


  1. No Fear Of Losing Money
  2. Real Trading Environment
  3. Test Your Strategies In Real Market
  4. Tracked of profit/loss (Updated every minute)


Q-) Is data feed real ?
A-) Yes.

Q-) What all can I trade ?
A-) National Stock Exchange Indices Options.

Q-) Trading Activity Data management ?
A-) Orders data and Square offed position is visible for that day only.

Q-) What if option expires?
A-) Expired option and their data will be deleted instantly.

Q-) Will it display P&L in runtime when the orders are placed?
A-) Yes, when order is placed it will execute instantly and P&L will available at runtime.

Q-) what is LIMIT order?
A-) LIMIT order is for executing order at specific price irrespective of market rates. it is for testing a strategies at specific prices. if you want real-like trading experience use only MARKET order.


  1. Trading data backup on firebase.
NIOTA : Virtual Option Trading
Download NIOTA : Virtual Option Trading for android

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