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NotifyBuddy MOD APK 1.92 build 124 (Premium SAP)

NotifyBuddy MOD APK 1.92 build 124 (Premium SAP)

NotifyBuddy Premium APK – AMOLED Notification Light is an LED notification app for mobile users. Even though the NotifyBuddy MOD APK is tested on OP6T, it can work well on many Android Oreo phones and above. The notifications are displayed in colores at any time, via the screen on the OP6T. Applications will display notifications on a black screen, with lots of animations when there are notifications. Please download the application right away so that you will receive an LED notification on the device with every message, better notification efficiency.

Tips before use NotifyBuddy MOD APK

The operation when starting to use is effortless. Just through a few times of use, the user can master the features as well as how it works. We will also guide users in detailed steps to use the application properly for the highest efficiency. First, you need to choose which apps you need to set notifications, give the current app permission to signal an LED light when selected apps have notifications. This makes it easy for users to realize they have important news to check, quickly check the phone to see notifications and limit users’ status missing vital works. Choose the light you want when making notifications, from the color of the lights, the size of the lights and the position of the LED light for announcements, the personalizations that make your device unique and personal. User can customize, edit the characteristics according to your preference. It has made a difference for the application, making it not the same in any case.

All other settings in the notifybuddy premium apk are allowed for users to customize everything to suit their preferences. Look in the list of applications, see if the things you need have been marked or not? Turn off the display of your surroundings, do this to optimize the battery life of your device. Save battery power to keep apps running longer. Don’t forget to grant permissions for our apps so that LED lights notify our apps to the user.

Finally, select the app for which you want to display and choose the announcement LED color. It is quite essential to note when you have successfully selected a color scheme for your application. With the corresponding notification light color, the text displaying the text name will be converted to the equivalent color, making it easy for users to recognize. One more thing to note is that for devices running MIUI 11, users should make sure that the “Autostart” section is enabled in the application’s information. You should also carefully check the “Show on lock screen” permission to grant the right to display notifications when the screen is locked, ensuring users receive a full LED notification when other apps have notifications.

After installation, these features are added

Once the app is updated, many impressive highlights make users love it even more. We always try to improve the application more actively to meet the needs of our users. Apps change in terms of time with LED notifications, something that hasn’t happened before. You can customize the color of the light when announcing which color you love the most, and please customize it to your preference.

Users are allowed to change the LED position through the app; you can change to a new position to create freshness every time you receive a notification. When you are busy with something, you missed a call from a friend or relative, and we will immediately notify the LED light for users to know. It requires users to accept an app upgrade for more advanced features, paying an extra fee when using the app comfortably. In exchange for the upgraded version of the app, you will be able to change the notification light’s size even. Add some customizations like time to deactivate apps. Upgraded versions paid for in-store purchases unlock all the greatest features, ensuring a better user experience when using the app.

Nothing can stop you right now; quickly download the notifybuddy premium apk to your device, experience the new and smart notifications on your device. Make the moments of receiving notifications on your phone more sparkling and exciting. We hope this application will bring users the most satisfaction and trust, hope that after using, users will appreciate the application.

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