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Nox Cleaner MOD APK 3.8.5 (Premium)

Nox Cleaner - Booster, Master
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Nox Cleaner - Booster, MasterNox Cleaner - Booster, MasterNox Cleaner - Booster, MasterNox Cleaner - Booster, MasterNox Cleaner - Booster, Master

NoxCleaner – Phone Cleaner, Booster, Optimizer is a fast and small software for optimizing the Android operating system, which was developed by Nox LTD and published in the Google Play market. This application with its high and extraordinary capabilities allows you to restore the original speed of your smartphone and make the most of your device. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using this startup is having a set of diverse tools in a single environment, which has turned it into a versatile program. You only need to touch the screen once and you will see additional files found in just a few seconds, which will help to significantly increase the speed of command execution. Another technology used in this startup can be considered the identification of useless applications, which helps to delete them after identification and in addition to freeing up the data storage memory, increase the speed of the device. If you think that the images on your device are taking up a lot of memory, use the built-in compressor and get a new experience in this field.

Some features and capabilities of NoxCleaner – Phone Cleaner, Booster, Optimizer for Android:

Optimizing the smartphone and increasing the speed of information
Find unnecessary files and delete them in just a few seconds
Organize pictures without wasting any time
Automatic identification of similar images with the possibility of deleting them
Reduce the size of existing images using the built-in compressor
Increasing battery life by having a simple and practical system
Identifying useless and unnecessary apps

Being trusted by more than 50 million users, Nox Cleaner is one of Google Play’s most effective phone cleaner. If your phone storage is insufficient or slowing down, Nox Cleaner totally can clear junk files, remove cache, release storage space hence boosting phone performance and speed. Download Nox Cleaner and enjoy a lighter and speedier Android phone.


  • Equipped with advanced mechanisms such as cache cleaner, junk cleaner, storage cleaner, memory cleaner, ads cleaner, Nox Cleaner could improve not only phone storage space but also phone performance as well.
  • A powerful and effective antivirus system with a virus scanner, virus removal, and virus protection helps Android users protect devices from any potential security threat or privacy vulnerability.


Max Junk File Cleaner

With our powerful analytics engine, users will not only get more storage space from the cleaning process of cache, residual files, download folders, clipboard content and more; users can also delete cache data from social apps such as Line, WhatsApp or others without worrying about deleting the wrong file. One-touch & cache with junk files will be cleaned!

Real-Time Master Antivirus

Nox Cleaner will do the real-time virus scan including malware, adware, online trojans, and remove viruses with potential privacy threats, hence protect users against all the threats that can damage your phone. One tap then your phone is secured against all the potential viruses threatening your privacy!

Max Memory Booster

The excessive use of memory makes your phone heavy & slow. With just one click, Nox Cleaner can free up memory & make phone lighter & faster. Nox Cleaner works smartly, hence make the experience on Android phones more comfortable.

CPU Cooler Master

Nox Cleaner intelligently detects and closes battery-draining apps to reduce CPU usage hence lowering phone temperature which helps users a lot when watching videos or playing games.

Notification Blocker Master

Powered by Nox Cleaner Notification Blocker’s latest calculating engine, useless notifications will be blocked smartly and gathered in one place for quicker and more effective cleanup effect. Activate Notification Blocker to protect messages from peeping and keep the notification bar clean hence boost the phone faster.

Game Booster Master

Boost your favorite games such as Free Fire, PUBG or others and enjoy max speed with lag-free gaming experience. Try NoxCleaner’s Game Booster shortcut to get your games run faster, smoother and slay all the enemies blocking your way to the victory.

Max Battery Saver

By analyzing battery usage status and helps to find battery-draining apps automatically and stop them efficiently.

App Manager Master

Nox Cleaner provides information on apps that are not used based on usage. You can manage and uninstall apps that are rarely used to provide more storage space that can speed up Android storage & speed at maximum.

Image Manager Master

Nox Cleaner can analyze photo gallery and sort them into different albums where the users can see similar photos to delete.

App Locker Master

App Locker provides users with the utmost security from unwanted access to Facebook, Instagram, or even Gallery, Calls or Messages. Lock app easily & quickly with Pattern, Fingerprint, and passcode!


  • None of the personal data such as username or email address proceeds.
  • All information will be kept secure and not shared with the 3rd party according to Privacy and Cookies Policy.
  • Fingerprint lock works only with devices running Android 6.0 or higher and fingerprint sensor support.

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Facebook page: www.facebook.com/NoxCleaner
Email: NoxCleaner@bignox.com.
Website: www.NoxCleaner.com

Nox Cleaner - Booster, Master
Download Nox Cleaner - Booster, Master for android

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