PDF Reader Pro – Ad Free PDF Viewer For Books 2020 v1.0.2 (SAP) (Paid)

PDF Reader Pro – Ad Free PDF Viewer For Books 2020 v1.0.2 (SAP) (Paid)

Install the PDF Reader Pro which comes with essential features for reading PDF files!

Broswe through all of your PDF files in one single place

Major highlights of the app:

Simple Interface:

Read any PDF with a simple and elegant reader screen which has the essential controls.

Resume from where you left off:

When you close the reader, next time when you open the app, it will move to the the previous page you had left off.

Scroll horizontally or vertically:

You can change the mode of scrolling in the setting to whichever you like either horizontally or vertically.

Easy Navigation:

Go through the PDF file with essential navigations like going to a given page, etc.

Browse all PDF:

The app lists all the PDF files in your device in a single place so that you can easily scroll through it.

Search the List:

Quickly find any desired file with the simple search option.

Open Password Protected PDF files:

With the inbuild decryption tool, you can open a password protected PDF by entering the password.

Essential Options:

The PDF Viewer app comes with all the necessary options like Renaming, Deleting, Sharing etc.

Other features include:

  • Snapping the pages to fit the screen when you scroll.
  • Checking the details of a PDF file
  • Sorting: By name, date & size
  • Refreshing the list


Please note that this app doesn’t support searching a text inside a file and text selection.

Download the app today.

Enjoy reading 🙂

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