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MagiCut MOD APK (Pro)

Photo Editor BG Eraser MagiCut
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Photo Editor BG Eraser MagiCutPhoto Editor BG Eraser MagiCutPhoto Editor BG Eraser MagiCutPhoto Editor BG Eraser MagiCutPhoto Editor BG Eraser MagiCut

MagiCut is a powerful photo editor that lets you synthesize the background of your photo anytime anywhere. It helps you edit photo like a pro.

Erase and Change the Background – Choose any sky you want

AutoCut – Cut and paste your photo easily

Remove Objects – Use magic brush to remove any objects you don’t want on the photo

Collage Maker – Provide massive grids and frames

MEME – make funny MEME and GIF

Professional Adjustment – Repair old photos

Special Effects – Create artistic photos with effects like cartoon or blurring

Photo editor – Provide useful editing tools that meet all your needs

Text Editing – Choose any font you like or just doodle on the screen

Smart CutOut

With MagiCut, you can create stunning pictures easily. Auto Cut Paste will select and extract objects through Detect AI, so you can paste that area on any backgrounds. Use montage editing techniques, put yourself next to any celebrity you like or teleport yourself to any corner of the world.

  • With this cutout editor, you can combine multiple photos into one background.
  • We provide AI technology to identify your photos, automatically delete the original background and remove unwanted objects.
  • Manually process the details of the picture, let you enjoy the fun of editing.
  • Adjust picture – adjust contrast, exposure, bright manually by precise control.
  • Crop – crop the picture to any size you need, fit all the social media perfectly.
  • Fusion – blending images of different light and shadows to make eye catching photos.
  • Text – Add artistic subtitles to the image, provide multiple style fonts.
  • Graffiti – offers a variety of brushes for you to draw creative graffiti on the picture.
  • Blur – Use blurring effect to make stylish picture.
  • Templates – Offer 100+ layouts and templates created by professional designers.
  • Beauty – Brighten your eyes and smooth your skin, make you stand out in any photo.

Download now and have fun!

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Email: malick.aiqi@gmail.com

Photo Editor BG Eraser MagiCut
Download Photo Editor BG Eraser MagiCut for android

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  1. Steffen Schmidt

    lässt sich nicht installieren…
    hab ein samsung note 10 +
    android 11

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