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Physics Pro – Experiments for High School&College v1.7.4 (Paid)

We noticed lack of good physical apps who do not only show formulas but how the process work and what you can observe instead. That’s why we developed this App which helps students in physics by visualizing important experiments e. g. needed for the German “Abitur”, the highest possible school-leaving qualification in Germany.

From our point of view, physics would be quite interesting if students could understand the experimental processes behind it. However, unfortunately, this requires a high skill level of imaginative power. By using this app which simulates these important experiments we hope to help every student who has problems in imagining what happens at specific experiments.

Each experiment provides certain possibilities to change some parameters and to vary the experiment’s construction. Additionally, this app provides some output values to enable a quantitative analysis of the experiments available in PhysicsApp.

This is the pro version without ads. You can download a free version with ads by clicking on this link: However, downloading the pro version supports our effort to develop this huge project. Additionally, this version includes formulas for each visualized experiment and you can get all available extras for the mini game described below for free.

These following experiments are currently available:


  • Accelerated Motion
  • Constant Motion
  • Conservation of Momentum: Elastic Collision and Inelastic Collision
  • Harmonic Oscillations: Spring Pendulum
  • Vectors
  • Circular Path
  • Horizontal Throw
  • Crooked Throw

Quantal Objects

  • Two Sources Ripple Tank
  • Diffraction by Double Slit
  • Diffraction by Grid
  • Photoelectric Effect
  • Millikan’s Oil Drop Experiment
  • Teltron Tube
  • Electron Diffraction


  • Lorentz Force
  • Self Induction: Gauss’s Cannon
  • Conductor Loop
  • Generator
  • Transformer
    Additionally, we have developed a small game called Atom Smasher so you can relax after learning physics. It’s a mini game challenging your dexterity.

You are controlling an atom smasher. Your mission is to ensure that your atom does not collapse due to collecting negative energy in form of electrons. You will reach the next level, if the atom collected all quarks on its pathway. However, whenever you see protons or neutrons, you also can collect them to gain more points or skip the current level.

Can you save the world by creating a new particle? Or do you destroy it through a huge explosion caused by merging the atom and an electron? Let’s find out!

This game supports Google Play Games in order to enable a worldwide ranking and achievements.

We appreciate the great effort lecturer and teachers expend in order to educate students. That is why lecturer and teachers can request the pro version for free: please write an e-mail to in order to get a free license.
Please feel free to write at to give feedback (bugs, translation mistakes, improvement suggestions).

Dec 9, 2018
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google play
Developer: A_K
November 30, 2022
4.4 and up
Latest Version: 1.7.4
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0.0 6 total


✔ Fixed one inaccuracy in "Transformator": Using now DC instead of AC
✔ Removed all banner ads in main screen - thanks to everyone supporting us by buying the pro version!
✔ New features in our minigame "Atom Smasher": achievements and rankings
✔ Many improvements in user interfaces
✔ Better search engine, e. g.: finding "photoelectric effect" by searching for "Einstein"
✔ New languages
✔ Preparations in order to support new Android 11
✔ Bugfixes and other smaller improvements


  • No LP Or Modded Google play needed
  • (SAP) Single Apk.

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