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Pilates workout routine-Fitness exercises at home v2.5.9 (Premium)

Pilates workout & exercises
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Pilates workout & exercisesPilates workout & exercisesPilates workout & exercisesPilates workout & exercises

Pilates is a set of sports movements that was invented in the early 20th century and became one of the most popular sports after the end of World War II. So that today tens of millions of people around the world do this sport on a daily and regular basis. Pilates focuses on the core muscles of the body and is designed to have the greatest effect on the muscles that are used in daily activities. Pilates also focuses on the mind-body connection. While the body performs various exercises, the mind must be aware of breathing and the way the body moves, that’s why many consider it similar to yoga. Pilates consists of different movements that have different difficulties, so anyone can start exercising with Pilates and gradually increase the difficulty of the movements. Since Pilates is a muscle-strengthening exercise, it can help reduce fat and increase muscle volume in areas of the body such as the abdomen, legs, and hips. Combining this exercise with aerobic exercise is an excellent and very effective solution in losing weight and increasing the body’s metabolism. Today we are at your service with a program that teaches you Pilates exercises and helps you do them and achieve results. Pilates workout routine-Fitness exercises at home is an application for teaching Pilates and tracking its exercises, for the Android operating system, developed by the mEL Studio software group and published for free on Google Play. There are 30 very effective and efficient sports movements in this program that you can combine and perform at different levels of difficulty. There are three types of ready-made sports programs in the program that you can follow and see the effect on your body in a short period of time.

Some features and capabilities of the Pilates workout routine – Fitness exercises at home Android program:

30 effective and tested sports movements that are taught with full descriptions, pictures and videos.
A virtual trainer that helps you during the training.
Ability to create personalized training programs by combining different movements
Statistics system to track progress in sports
It has three effective training programs designed by sports experts.
Simple and easy user interface
The exercises do not require special equipment and can be done at home.
Thirty-day challenge to get a fit and ready body

Pilates workout routines – is an effective set of exercises that works on all the muscle groups of the body and allows you to develop muscle flexibility, joint flexibility, correct posture and provides back and spine health. Moreover, club pilates at home speed up the body’s metabolism and start the process of losing fat.

The app contains 60 the most effective and time-tested Pilates fitness exercises, each of which is accompanied with detailed video instructions and detailed text description. All floor exercises fitness classes are divided into groups according to the complexity of their implementation. Free Pilates workout exercises are recommended for all groups of people, regardless of age.

There are 6 different programs – daily Pilates workout for beginners, 7-minute barre workout and advanced program to strengthen the effect and achieve the most impressive results – do yoga pilates anytime for weight loss.

Application Features:

  • 60 the most effective daily pilates exercises;
  • Each exercise has detailed audio, video and text description and recommendations of the implementation – now you can easily do barre and yoga pilates at home anytime;
  • The virtual instructor will show you how to do each exercise and will motivate you;
  • You can create your own barre workout free and programs and set their duration, performance and time of rest for each exercise;
  • An effective statistics system will allow you to watch and record the results of your achievements and progress during club pilates workout routines home.

Just try to do the first small workout series and take a challenge anytime. You will definitely see the results – stretching pilates for beginners offline is that fitness exercise routine will give you a great effect. By the way, with the help of this app, you can create a stable habit of doing regular sports, because floor exercises for weight loss take not more than 10 minutes a day.

Most traditional small workout series provoke muscle imbalance: strong muscles become stronger, and weak muscles, on the contrary, become weaker. This is the main cause of injuries and chronic back pain. During floor exercises fitness classes, barre workout at home activities your muscles will work evenly and balanced, providing higher training performance and reducing the likelihood of injuries. This is why so many professional athletes use club pilates free workouts in their training classes.

Now, your muscles will never work until exhaustion, you will not sweat and feel very tired. Classes include a precise and special deep breathing system. If you don’t like programs based on the concentration, then it may seem like a boring activity. But if you want to strengthen the muscles of the abdominal cavity and pelvis, as well as maintain good posture and get rid of back pain, then it is definitely for you.

Thanks to a set of beginner exercises, you will tighten your abdominal muscles, lower your shoulders, lengthen your neck, raise your chest and straighten your posture. By the end of the lesson, your spine will be elongated, your stomach tucked up, and your body free and light. Stretching Pilates poses at home will make you feel taller and more confident than it was an hour ago.

Take 30-day challenge pilates at home and build a dream body!

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