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Pizza Boy GBC Pro MOD APK 6.1.4 (Paid)

Pizza Boy GBC Pro
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Pizza Boy GBC ProPizza Boy GBC ProPizza Boy GBC ProPizza Boy GBC Pro

If you are into video (computer) games, you must know Nintendo. Nintendo is a Japanese company that specializes in providing games and game consoles, and is one of the oldest and most established companies in this field. In the 80s and 90s, Nintendo was very popular and its products sold millions very soon. Nintendo always tried to increase its popularity by providing the best and most entertaining games and consoles. For this reason, all kinds of consoles and games have been marketed by Nintendo over the years. Nintendo Gameboy is a handheld console produced by Nintendo, which was released to the market to provide a portable handheld console, and soon it was able to achieve great sales around the world. In Iran, this handheld console is better known as Atari, and most people born in the fifties and sixties have memories with it. This very popular console had memorable games like Tetris and Pokemon and many people bought it to access these games. The Nintendo Game Boy Color is the next generation of the Nintendo Game Boy Classic that uses a color screen and more controls instead of a black and white screen. If you were a fan of this console and would like to play its games again and get the feeling of nostalgia in it, don’t miss the program that we introduce today on Dlpure. Pizza Boy GBC Pro – GBC Emulator is an application for simulating the Nintendo Game Boy console and playing its games, for the Android operating system, which was developed by the Davide Berra software group and published on Google Play at a price of $4.49. This program has the ability to play Nintendo Game Boy Color and Classic games, and you can use it to play the games you want with the best possible quality and without any restrictions. Note that game ROMs are not included in this program and you have to download them separately.

Some features and capabilities of the Pizza Boy GBC Pro – GBC Emulator Android program:

It is completely written in C language to provide the lowest battery consumption and the best performFance.
Native OpenGL and OpenSL libraries have been used to provide the best video and audio quality.
60 FPS is guaranteed even on older hardware
It is possible to save and restore game stages.
Support slow/fast forward
The possibility of customizing the size of the buttons and their location
Support for hardware joysticks
Serial link emulation via wifi or bluetooth, even with two different ROMs
Support zip and 7z compressed files

Warning! This is GBC emulator…. NOT a GBA emulator!

The most precise emulator of GBC (and Classic one as well) is here!


  • Beautiful GUI
  • No time limit
  • A totally new cheat manager
  • SGB borders and palettes
  • Quick/Auto save
  • An enhanced settings menu
  • Improved control system
  • Customizable palettes
  • BIOS support
  • Game Boy Camera support!
  • MBC7 ROMS with gyroscope support
  • Fully customizable skins with stickers (common png files)!

Common features with Pizza Boy Standard:

  • It’s the only emulator on Google Play that passes all the super-hard Blargg tests. It means you got a precision never reached before with other emulators
  • Totally written in C for incredible performance and low battery consumption
  • Take advantage of OpenGL and OpenSL native libraries for video and audio performance to the top
  • 60 FPS guaranteed even on old hardware
  • Save and restore states
  • Slow motion/Fast forward
  • Buttons size and position total customization
  • Hardware joypads support
  • Shaders
  • Serial link emulation through wifi or bluetooth, even with two different ROMs
  • Supports zip and 7z archives
  • Warning! Roms not included!

Bugs? Features request? Email me at: davide_berra@yahoo.it

Pizza Boy GBC Pro
Download Pizza Boy GBC Pro for android

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